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  • I am on the forms page and can see the list of forms from my jotform account. When I click on “view” under a forms title it wants to take me to URL This is correct for some of my older forms but new forms are under URL

    I have added a new CNAME to my domain to point to as explained in . This may serve as a workaround for the domain problem because if we can get your plugin to use the new cname instead of

    Right now any form that your plugin is grabbing from and trying to present through is causing the “required fields check” not to happen in-page and causing a page refresh with an ugly gray box and requires the user to click the in-page back button offered. After doing some research I found this was also do to the domain issue.

    Only other way I could think to fix this issue would be if you let users chose what domain from jotform the form is pulled from. As far as I know jotform has a few domains like .me .us

    Exert from Jotforms on this matter
    Forms on Separate Domains:
    Depending on your risk profile, or the country you are in, we will assign a separate domain name to you. (i.e. Any new forms created will only work on that domain name. Our goal is to limit the impact of any possible domain suspensions in the future.

    Note that, this will not apply to any existing forms. Your existing forms will work with all domains. This will only apply to the new forms you create.”

    I hope we can solve this issue quickly because it is causing undesired issues with any new form created using jotform.

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  • Plugin Author tmontg1


    Thanks for bring this to my attention. I’m checking out both solutions you mentioned and I’ll aim to work a solution into the next update I do.

    I hope you are able to because right now I cant use your new plugin’s short code and I have to resort Iframe’ing the form using the jotform Iframe code.

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