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  • Hello Friends,

    This is Josh Yudell, i need some suggestions to you.

    I have installed WordPress at one of my website. But I want to have more than one subdomain. Is this possible to do with the SAME installation of WordPress, or do I need more than one installation?

    Currently, I have two wordpress installation, one on our parent site & one for my subdomain. I want people to be able to use their account across ALL the WordPress sites, instead of them having to create an account for each WordPress. Is this possible also? Do you know what I am talking about? I think it is called Global Login. or Logging In Globally. If anyone create an account at one wordpress site, then accounts are automatically created and synchronized with the sister sites (subdomains). If you log in “here”, you are automatically logged in “there”. Does this make sense?

    Is it possible to link the both WordPress Installations together to make the Global Login work? I installed WordPress twice because I thought that I could not use the same WordPress Installation for both. BUT Is it possible to use the same wordpress installation and have more than one subdomain for the SAME wordpress installation, and have the subdomains load a separate “home page”? Which method is easier?

    Please share your thoughts. Waiting for your responses.

    Josh Yudell

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  • WPyogi


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    Sounds like you might want to look into “multisite” – aka a network of sites:

    There’s a forum just for Multisite if you do go that way:

    Thanks Josh Yudell for posting such a query.

    I have also faced similar type of problem.

    But Josh Yudell u can try this one:-

    Is the main site in the root? If it’s already in a subdomain, you can’t use a subdomain network anymore.

    When going back from a website, replace your wp-config (of course with the corect database information). You edited wp-config when you created your network.

    Is this way are referred to as? :

    User A logged in on the main site with login ID: username and password: userpass
    and User A can also log in with the same login detail in as above ..

    like it?

    Thanks jackysan & robortpeter for your replies & suggestions.

    joshyudell is very much helpfull to u all.joshyudell will keep the things all in mind and try to install the wordpress subdomain.

    Hi this is sam roborts from oxford capital.

    Actually I have also faced same problems as joshyudell. So after getting such replies from jackyson robortpeter,it helped me greatly.



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    Interesting that your IP address is the same as his.

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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