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  • Hi

    I have used Joomla for a long time and now I’m sick, just sick as the CMS is kind of bloated. I’ve tested wordpress back 3 years back, however I don’t delve into it deep then. Now with the release of 2.7 and the news about 2.8, I have taken my time to check the CMS and a few sites and it’s really neat! Just neat and you can customize it lots with the plugins where every plugin is opensouce. I love the idea and I’m thinking(really into porting site to WordPress )

    I’ve tried the port script , yet that ports only the contents, what I want to do now is to port the users. If I could do that then I’m the most happy men! I’ve googled it a bit and there seems to be no way to port the users.

    Can someone enlighten me on how to port the users? I really don’t mind if I have to go to say for example Joomla to another CMS and another CMS to wordpress to port the users… if I can still achieve what I wanted.. I’m still okay with that..

    The other option would be port the user to wordpress where the user will be prompted to change their password on their next login.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • There isn’t a reliable script available that can port Joomla users to WordPress. I found one a couple of years ago (can’t recall where it was, but I found it through Google I think) but it made such a mess of the user data that I ended up starting over.

    If you are comfortable with mapping the database tables you should be able to create your own SQL query. But the easiest alternative is to just ask your users to create new accounts. If you already have content submitted by users you can manually copy/paste the usernames, set up a temporary password and just ask them to login and set a new password on first visit.

    Hope this helps.

    Elpie, thanks..

    Yep, that creating all of the users thing would be annoying.. Last time I just found out that there’s a link where all the new system generated would be emailed to the users . I just couldn’t find it anymore. !! I have tried Google and WP. I’m not so good with creating sql query. Tried once… I’m having a hard time figuring it out.

    Any pointers?

    I did a joomla to wordpress conversion earlier this year but we a realtivley small amount of data. I found a script which worked with 2.3.3 i think it was.

    It seems to copy most of the data with out a problem. But you’ll have issues with Multimedia and Images.

    For the script to work you basically setup your categories in wordpress and then you map a joomla category to the wordpress and it copies info across in general. But you may have to do some work.

    For the images i placed in a directory under wordpress and did a find and replace using a plugin and ammended the image url in the articles.

    Do a google for joomla to wordpress. It’s a php script so it may even work direct into 2.8 or maybe with a few amends work or alternativley install same version as script works for and upgrade wordpress after you got data across.

    @nadeem73.. I’m sorry if I don’t make myself clear…’s what I want…
    I have ported all of the contents and others.. all I want is just to port the users .. since joomla uses md5 Salt encryption, there seems to be a problem with the encryption here too .. correct me if I’m wrong..

    Ah ok right i’ve not seen anything for the users to be imported can you not just recreate them and resend details to the people??

    @jumpmuz: Thanks for the link. That seems to be promising. I’ve checked that before…this is integrating both the CMS. But what I need is …I’m gonna use only WordPress and no more Joomla, all I want is just to port the users table..and let the users have the same password and user name. that could be done with just a script.and what I need is a script for that.

    I’m pretty sure you can use Jix: The Joomla Import Export & Update Utility to get your users out of Joomla. Once you find an import to WP please post it here.


    Thanks a lot for the help.
    @jumpmuz, the last one seems to perfectly fit what I need and @elpie the last one seems to be promising too. I’ll check that one. Will post of how I fare later

    Thanks again



    Thanks just ported all the users right now , however I haven’t had set it live yet as I’m afraid some users will be annoyed with it. Tested it on a demo server and hanve changed all of the users email address to a demo email so that they are not being spammed. However, what I really wanna know here is without the automated generated , will there be any option where we can tweak the mysql function and then let the member login with the password and then as soon as they login to it, then it will prompt to change the password

    To elaborate what I mean say for example, on my joomla site which is active right now, this is the details of what’s his current user details is

    user: demouser
    password: mypassword

    and I ported the table there to WordPress CMS. So when I ported all the table to WP, they will still be able to login with the above login

    user : demouser
    password: mypassword

    and as soon as they have logged in, the system will tell them that the password had expired and they need to change it so that they negiligibly have to take the pain of being spammed and hardly know that I’ve changed everything and they are not reluctant to join the new site

    Any pointers for the Mysql port?

    By the way.. thanks a lot for all the people who have helped me

    mnowluck, I’m trying to do the same thing. The only thing that is holding me back is the ability to transfer the passwords. I don’t want to have to ask my registrants to choose a password again. We have over 1000 of them. Were you able to successfully transfer the passwords from joomla to wordpress? If so how did you do it?

    Nevermind, just figured out the answer. It is not possible to transfer passwords from joomla to wordpress for users. In short, Joomla uses a 32 character string for salting the password and WordPress uses an 8 character string for salting. I was hoping just to reformat the password that is stored in the db but I found out that WordPress only allows for an 8 character string to salt, along other post-processing that is different.

    I guess I can just create a plugin that acts like the Joomla password verification the first time the user logs in and then have WordPress rehash the password into a WordPress format using the wp_set_password and wp_hash_password functions then verify the new WordPress-hashed password.

    @jstockdale: that’s a good idea.. mind sharing the plugin, I’ll be happy to do that right away :D. I have it in my localhost, yet I’m not too comfortable with sending out temporary password to all, and this password verification would prove useful 🙂

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