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    I want to migrate from old (4.X) enterprise Joomla to WordPress.
    I’ve tried to upgrade to 5.10 starter and then to WordPress and it seems to be working on the admin side, but some of the enterprise features are critical to me (and i don’t know any way to test them without paying first)
    I read the instructions and I know that i will lose all of the detailed statistics… so:

    1. What happen to links in emails sent in the past (links with click tracking, unsubscribe links, etc…)
    2. will the links work?
    3. will new opens of the old email opens still be counted after the migration?
    4. will new clicks (from old emails) still counted?

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  • Hi @robert7k

    If you switch from Joomla to WordPress then you’ll switch to a completely different structure. So click statistics and open statistics from emails sent in the past won’t be working anymore. That’s because Joomla uses links like “&component=xxx&task=xxx” but it doesn’t work this way on WordPress.

    So unfortunately there won’t be any way to get those statistics from the past emails :-/

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