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  • Hey Guys,

    Currently i have a site in Joomla(, I would like to move the site to wordpress, is it possible to do that?

    1) Will i be able to move the entire database from joomla to wordpress. Are there any plugins to achieve it?

    2) Also can you please let me know whether there are any plugins for showing the ratings like this page: Engineering Colleges


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  • Hi,
    I looked into doing this and found that it was easier just to back up the content of my old site and transfer to my new site. As it was my first WP install I preferred to build this from the ground up and learn the menu structure, how things work etc.

    Dependent on your directory structure I suppose you could replicate your joomla structure into WP and populate the appropriate corresponding folders however this could also depend on what version of joomla/theme and WP/theme.

    Have a look here, there is also tons of info on google just search “export joomla to wordpress’

    For ratings plugins, there are loads available personally Ive only played with this one but it seems to tick all the boxes

    Hope this helps


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