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  • Hi I have been trying on and off during the past couple of months to migrate a website ( to WordPress. There are about 80-90 posts. Joomla (FG) seems to handle the text without issue, as well as the links, but I can’t figure out how to use it to bring over image content.

    I have a couple of dozen images hosted on different servers with this website (Photobucket) and those came over fine – as I said above, links come over fine, which is, I am guessing, why these pics came over – they are simply links rather than hosted files.

    I even tried another plugin to see if I could bring over the images that way, but got the identical result – articles + text, but no images.

    However, I have been unsuccessful with getting either plugin to move images from my Joomla articles into my WordPress articles.

    I tried to follow solutions from different posts about images, but did not meet with success – I am a bit of a noob with WordPress!!

    Might there be a simple solution or something that I am overlooking that would help me to move my images from Joomla to WordPress? Any help would be greatly appreciated – thanks!!!

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