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  • I read quite a few post all over the place, and it seems no clearer as to what I need to do.

    I’m doing work someone who’s whole site is in joomla. However I’ve recoded almost the whole site and all (client) wants now is a wordpress blog in there. Getting the blog in there wasn’t a problem, but they also want to move all there old posts to the wordpress blog. Being the developer I want to learn and do this myself not pay someone else to do it.

    I’ve seen some migration tools but it seems like you need to separate servers for that am I right?

    Is there a way to export the files from joomla and then import them into wordpress?

    I guess the other big problem is I want to get rid of the joomla site all together except for the blog which I want to tranfer to wordpress.

    Can I migrate into wordpress download those files remove the joomla site and then just add the wordpress back into the blog folder?

    Edit: I guess I should add that I don’t need to migrate users or anything like that I just need the posts.

    Edit:I guess manually is an option.

    I feel way out of my zone with all this any help would be very appreciated. Thank-You in advance

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