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  • Hi,

    I read somewhere that Joomla would be better to use then WordPress for creating intranets and portals.
    This is based on the extended use of roles and security within Joomla.

    Anyone any thoughts?



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  • Whats Joomla? 😛

    It’s the same as any other question about what’s better. It all depends on the end use. Sometimes Joomla will be better, sometimes WordPress will be better, sometimes something else completely different will be better. It’s up to you to work out what you need it to actaully do, then do some comparisions between each system to see which one can do what you want it to with the least effort.

    Joomla is really powerful tool under the right hands for lots of purposes, not only for intranets / portals. Same thing applies to WP but in other ways. There is no verdict in this “battle”.
    I think it is like you are trying to compare an apple with a pear.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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