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  • One of the largest and longest serving religious sites in Australia has finally been released with WordPress,
    John Mark Ministries

    Around 24,000 pages of English language content, translated into 24 languages with the Translate plugin (over 500k of rendered pages), RPX for single sign on for comments from Facebook, and related posts.

    I do believe Hitwise Australia had the old site competing against Hillsong and in their top 10 religious sites for Australia. The old JMM was #7 whereas Hillsong was #3 and

    With the site release onto WordPress, we have tripled qualified traffic.

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  • Very nice, clean design. Impressive to hear that traffic has tripled since switching to WordPress; obviously that was a good move.

    I noticed a few small issues in the comments section. Try adding in a bit of padding between the Discussion and “2 Comment for …” bits — it feels a bit cramped without any padding. Also, there’s a random Google icon showing up before the commenter’s name, which looks kind of weird.

    Thanks for the feedback. We’re still soft launching till mid next week.

    Theme is being tuned to suit. Will head to HTML5 and font-face soon. Already subtley microformatted.

    wow thats really neat blog. Which theme did you use ? Can I also use that ?

    I don’t understand this thing at the bottom of your site .

    Articles may be reproduced in any medium, without applying for permission
    (provided they are unedited, and retain the original author/copyright information – and a reference to this website :-)!

    Did you mean articles may not be reproduced or soemthing ? Anyway good luck

    Are you using @font-face for the headers? I like that touch. Which font is that?

    I’m using a heavily customised version of The Morning After.

    Regarding the aggregation/reproduction, the closest legally binding licence is the Creative Commons licence listed on each article. The blurb is simply a throwback to the old reproduction licence. May phase it out in the longer term now that Creative Commons is judiciously integrated across the site.

    I’m using @cufon at the moment. Still a XHTML 1.0 template, with just some very basic hAtomised content. Long term strategy is to move to HTML5, @font-face with font-squirrel and more microformats.

    Real nice, and I like what you did to the theme.
    What are yo using for post thumbnails?

    It’s a semi-random image stack that’s hooked into the categories, not into each individual article. Thumbnail logic is complex, to say the least.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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