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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for your great comments, support and enthusiasm for Digg Digg. Since we acquired the plugin we made quite a few improvements and fixed some critical bugs. However, we’re a small team here at Buffer and right now we struggle to find resources to improve Digg Digg further. We know that’s not ideal, so we’ve done a few things to try and make sure Digg Digg can still improve in the meantime before we have a larger team to work on Digg Digg:

    1. We’ve completely open-sourced Digg Digg and made it very easy to find, browse the code and submit pull-requests by putting it on GitHub. You can find it here:

    2. We’ll be actively monitoring GitHub and we’re keen to pull in some great contributions to push Digg Digg forward.

    3. We plan to get back to Digg Digg in the future as we care a lot about social sharing, and with WordPress being the biggest platform for blogs (we find blog posts are what people share the most) we think the plugin has much more potential than in its current state.

    If you can help us spread the word to talented developers about improving Digg Digg, that would be awesome.

    Thanks again, stay well!

    Joel Gascoigne
    Founder, Buffer

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  • Weboxeur


    Nice move there. Digg Digg has a great potentiel and need to be improved.

    Keep it up 🙂

    For everyone who’s fed up with Digg Digg and its issues, I did a lot of testing and found Sharebar to be a great, lighter-weight alternative for floating share buttons:

    At FunkyMonk145’s suggestion I checked out ShareBar… and came quickly back to DiggDigg. SB isn’t bad, but the DiggDigg’s code is, IMHO, better and easier to work with. YMMV, but for my very customized manual placement needs DiggDigg worked great.

    Personally, I’d also like to say kudos to Buffer for putting it on GitHub and welcoming contributions. Many of us wish the .org repo worked better as a social coding platform like GitHub.

    I would use Dig Dig again if it simply showed up on my home page and if Facebook Share could be added in addition to Like. Amazing how social media plugins don’t get that people SHARE content not just like your page. Also, being able to add a small bit of art to the top of the bar like Slick Social Share Buttons can do would be nice.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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