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  • rodeaarde


    Reinstalled job manager in a wordpress 3.5 website. While adding jobs in the admin panel I noticed that the calendar function (start/end date) was not working (I could add dates manually).

    After adding two jobs I found out that they where not showing on the homepage, job lists page in the front end. The show in the list in the admin.

    Any idea how to fix this?

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  • go_keel


    Me too, the calendar function is not working.
    Anyone can help us?


    Having the same issue. Calendar isn’t as important to me as the jobs not showing up.

    Did somebody find a solution yet?

    Upgrading the jquery-ui-datepicker.js version under js folder work for me, its only work when you click on the calendar icon…here is my one

    Calendar control doesn’t matter to me as much as jobs not posting. Plugin is useless at this point.

    AFTER TYPING A LONG EXPLANTION BELOW…. here is the solution.

    I’m guessing that people who are having this problem have their Permalink settings set to “Post Name”.

    If this is true in your case, the following worked to correct our Job Manager problem of not displaying the jobs or applications.


    After updating to WP 3.5 go to Setting > Permalinks

    Change the setting to “Numeric” and hit update.

    Change the setting back to “Post Name” and hit update.

    Viola! You should be able to view your jobs and applications now….


    For kicks you can read our problem below that was corrected with the above adjustment.

    I have the same issue.

    I started by deactivating the plugin and reactivating it. Didn’t fix anything.

    Kept seeing only the “if you plug in worked you’d see the proper stuff on this page” text.

    So I went to that page in our case /about-us/jobs and unpublished the page by changing the status from “Published” to “Draft”.

    I then changed the Display Settings in Job Manager Settings to show 10 jobs at one time (we only have 4 openings) so this was just a test.

    Now the jobs show up and the url has reverted back to the /?page_id=204 format where as the rest of our site runs on the /about-us/jobs/apply/575/ format which explains why it cannot find page to post as it is looking to use the post number, not the alpha equivalent.

    Perhaps there is a need to revert a site back to the numeric page labeling or a need correct a setting within Job Manager so that it can function on the title page labeling method.


    You can now see out jobs listed here…

    But when you click the apply now button the url seeks the “/about-us/jobs” extension which it cannot locate despite our setting having not changed.

    Hi darwindude and,
    Thx for your reply, I will try it and will let here know if it worked for me as if I have my permalinks set to post name and I do not need the apply functionality.


    The job details page was not displaying for me, so I fixed it by commenting out line 53->63 of frontend.php . I can now see the job details with a permalink setting of “post name” and WPML installed.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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