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  • Frankly, I didn’t expect much upon seeing the dull screenshot. 🙂

    However, the theme turned out rather good. I’d even say it could be called excellent. It was a rare pleasant surprise.

    The theme’s flexible where the front page header image is concerned. If you need a fullscreen cover, or if you don’t – both variants are available.

    It employs a neat way to fetch Google fonts of your choice. Seriously, I haven’t seen this approach before. Really like it. It’s very convenient, especially if you need non-latin subsets.

    There are only two drawbacks I see so far.

    1. If custom Google fonts are used, the built-in call for fonts is not disabled. I understand why it is not done automatically (you could be customising only header font, for example, and you would still need the main body font). However, I think there should be a checkbox, which would disable the theme’s default call for fonts. This way people like myself won’t have to drag in 4 fonts + styles, when half of them won’t even be displayed.

    2. Colour scheme management, custom colour option. Basically, the menu bar background. Seriously, are you kidding me? Instead of a standard colour picker dialog which allows for entering a hex code, there is a rainbow bar with a slider. Selecting the exact desired colour is impossible. This is plain wrong and should be changed to a standard colour picker as soon as possible. You’ll get the fifth star back when it is done, I promise. 🙂

    Other than that, it’s a very solid theme. It’s the first time for the last couple of years when I don’t really see a need for a child theme, even though I always make customisations.

    Would recommend.

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    Hi Jaaaarne. I really appreciate the review. We will definitely take your suggestions into consideration and appreciate the high quality feedback!

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