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    Hey guys,

    Strange questions – using job manager for a site and having some trouble with a couple of search hiccups.

    Essentially what seems to be the problem is the site has a number of jobs called AX Consultant, alot of these will also have words inbetween e.g. AX Trade & Logistics Consultant

    The issue is that when you search AX Consultant the AX Trade & Logistics Consultant job wont show up, so it’s searching for that exact phrase opposed to instances of the two words.

    Any ideas how to fix this?


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  • Here’s the function used when WP Job Manager queries the database based on keywords:

    There you can see the SQL queries that are ran, and if need be you can always use a filter to modify or change them to whatever you want.

    Thanks for getting back to me, I’ve just spent a while trying to understand whats going on here but I can’t quite get my head around it.

    So the issue is on the page –

    Even searching just for ‘AX’ which if you look at the jobs there are plenty of jobs with AX in the titles that should show up but nothing shows.

    I’ve undone all the changes I’ve made via functions / template overrides but it doesn’t really make much sense why it can’t find any jobs with those two letters in.

    I’ve imported the job on that site to a demo so I can test it a bit more –

    The AX search works (still have no idea why that wouldn’t work on the other website) but still has trouble with searching for multiple words if they arn’t next to each other if that make sense.

    e.g. MS Dynamics CRM Functional / Technical Consultant is an example of a title

    If you run the search CRM functional consultant that job won’t show up.

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    Code Wrangler

    The ability to search via SQL isn’t great. Ideally, could offload this to a semantic processor, like ElasticSearch or something like that, but that requires an ES server, etc, and not something we can work on right now.



    I still have the same issue.

    “…but still has trouble with searching for multiple words if they arn’t next to each other…”.

    Is there any solution in the meantime?

    By the way, I tried some other webistes using WP Job manager. There it works fine. I can type two keywords and fitting results show up…

    Im using the jobify theme.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Contributor Davor


    Hey @berthoch!

    The latest version of WP Job Manager allows you to search multiple keywords at the same time. Can you give it a whirl and let me know if it’s working for you?


    Hi @davor,

    first I wanna say thank you!!! I updated WP Job manager and now I can search for multiple words, great!

    It seems like, with the update the “exactness” also changed. Bc now the search only
    matches with words that are exact written the same way. Means, if I have a jobpost with the word “postdoctoral” and a user searchs for “postdoc”, WP Job Manager will show zero results. Is there now still a way to make the search less exact?

    Thanks again!

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