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    THIS PLUGIN is going to get updated to at least WP 4.0 standards. I just took this over from Gary recently and have been working on putting a team together to help sort out the really pressing issues to bring it up to current code standards. It’s under review status as of today.

    I will be making some announcements as well as polling current users on requested features and updates for the road map ahead for this plugin… pass it on this, guy has a lot of life left in it.

    We will also be moving over to GIT so that others that can contribute, can help us get this back on track were also going to need language support for wpml. So if you are a current user or contributed in the past…we need you to assist.

    Stay tuned for more info soon.

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  • That’s great news!

    “under review status”, what does that mean? Your team is reviewing the old code now, or there’s an updated version under review before being made available online?

    In any case, is there any indication when there will be a new version available that plays nice with latest WP?


    This is indeed, brilliant news. Gary’s job-manager is the only job plug-in that ticks most of the boxes I needed – the most important one being the ability to have different application forms for different job posts. I’d be more than happy to pay for a ‘pro’ version, but I’d be really pleased if these areas were also considered for future releases:

    1) A proper customer log-in facility. It currently roughly has one, but it would be nice to allow customers to register their (configurable) details and be able to view the jobs they have previously applied for (and even edit them!). Maybe even restrict people access to the application form until they have logged in?

    2) It would be great if there was some sort of sign-up form for customers. ie, if new jobs are listed, then customers are automatically emailed with the new jobs.

    Thank you for taking the energy to update this plug-in!

    Plugin Author Thomas Townsend


    RE: “under review status” This means the dev team is getting familiar with the current plugin code. I use the plugin myself for several clients and have actively used it for several years(still use it). The developers I have added to the team have not.

    The next step is looking were we need to make changes to bring the code up to WP 4.0 standards…while fixing some of the most glaring bugs.
    (Part of the process involves taking a close look at Gary’s next planned update, road-map for the plugin that looked into some of those reported bugs).

    We may find as we update the code that some of those issues will be resolved due to the way this was originally coded. This is not a bad thing. On the contrary…WP has much more functionality built-into core NOW, than was available when Gary first started this project.

    That’s a first step, that is ongoing now. I am also in the process of moving the code base over to GitHub and opening up to additional assistance so we can get this done sooner. This will happen before the weekend is out.

    Once I have more information, I will post it here.

    We do have plans for a Premium/Pro version however, we are committed to bringing the Original plugin up to-date and fixing some of the issues while adding in some NEW features.

    We will ALWAYS provide a FREE version of this plugin that has all the current functionality ….(fixing whats broken) as was Gary’s contribution and creation.

    I will let you in on a bit about my background…and perhaps you might glean where this is headed 🙂 I have worked with recruiters in start-ups, small companies and medium sized business for over 25 years. I know about recruiting and a lot of whats wrong with current applicant tracking systems. I am also well aware of current social media inclusion, adaptability and the future of Human Capital Management for both the job searcher (Talent) and the business owner looking for talent (Acquisition). I also know that small business owners need someone that understands their pain and is on their side. Business Owners NOW have an Advocate on their side. So stay tuned for updates and announcements soon.



    @ Thomas Townsend : We are still waiting for Latest Update on it .

    As this is a great plugin with many features in build.

    One Issues i need to point out in this:

    When any one upload there resume , then his/her resume is seen in google search automatically after some period of time.

    So this is major issues , as i have got call many such call telling there resume is seen in Google search.



    Also the features which is currently there in this plugin , please let it be there as free as i am using it . any extra powerful features can be made paid from your side .


    AMAZING!!!! So Happy

    Will happy donate to this project.

    Can you tell me for now why my pagination doesn’t work? Page 2 goes to blog?

    Thank you so much , you life savers!

    O and also, in the current jobs in the system, in the backend, the job description is in a column that just runs down the page as the width is so small, I tried everything and cant fix it 🙁

    The ability to select a landing page upon application/resume submission would be nice.

    Really qurious what the current status is. I’m still using it but seems to be getting errors lately

    Also hoping for some news on this please.


    As I… Checking back here almost everyday…

    Thomas Townsend – you need to be honest here and give us feedback. Are you going to revive the plugin or not??

    Please just tell us.


    Plugin Author Thomas Townsend


    Apologies for not responding sooner. I am co-organizer for a recent WordCamp event that took up a lot of my time. I am in start-up mode and currently have one developer working with me to bring about the first update in over 2 years.

    We are testing NOW with a hope of releasing before the end of October. I can’t provide a release date because, testing is just one of those things that takes time.

    I do commit to you that you will see updates / posts here more frequently. I am now focused on building a team to bring you the updated Job Manager and with help, a much better product with features you can use in today’s job markets.

    This first update will tackle a few of the larger bugs and address security issue and conformance with WP4. It’s a first step where we will also be asking your input via a Poll for the future direction of this plugin. Your participation will help us better serve the community at large.

    We very much appreciate your patience as we move forward together on this project. More information will be forthcoming….

    That is so exciting!!!

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