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  • I just developed a new website using Job Manager. Check out:

    Using Striking theme from and Job Manager, and everything seems to work, except email. Email confirmations do not go out. Job applications are saved.

    Emails do work from our hosting site. My favorite guy at tested sending email from the account, and it works.

    In which file does the send-mail happen? I’ve downloaded the whole site and am not a PHP programmer, so some direction toward troubleshooting is appreciated.

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  • Jen


    Same issue with me because my client has a mail relay with Westnet that is probably flagging the messages as spam.

    Is there any way to change to the “From” address for application emails to (instead of coming from the applicant’s email) so that I can add an exception to their mail relay?

    ps. awesome plugin 🙂

    We tracked down part of the issue:

    The site is hosted separate from mail service. As a result the local mail host could not resolve and returned the email. We pointed the MX to the correct place, and now the emails do go out.

    However, the emails are not listed in Job Manager.

    When I select a submitted application and forward it to another email address, it will send, however, the email is not shown in the ‘Emails’ listing.

    Brightestspark: I don’t have an answer to your question. I hope someone else does.


    Hi, I am having the exact same issues mentioned by Ingrid. When I test a job application by filling out the fields; attaching a resume file and clicking the submit button, I am taken to the “thank you” page on the site. However, I am not receiving any email notifications about the submission. The applications do show up in WordPress in the Job Manager section but no emails are listed in Job Manager. I am assuming the default email these notifications are supposed to go to is the same one contained in the WP General Settings since I see no place in the Job Manager plugin to modify this. Any help is greatly appreciated because I am “this close” to getting things working the way I want them to with the plugin. Thanks!

    Ok, I figured out how to get the email confirmation to work. You need to set that in the Job Manager Admin Settings under Default Email. Once I did that, I re-tested submitting an application and received the email notification. However, there are still no Emails stored in the plugin under the Email section. Is everyone else having this same issue? I’m running the latest version of WP and the plugin. Also, is there any way to restrict what file types can be attached in an application such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, etc.? This would be very helpful to prevent people from submitting viruses through the form.

    To clarify, the email confirmation is working for me. It is just that there are no emails stored in Job Manager.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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