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  • After upgrading to WP 3.2, slider no longer works: images only change on screen refresh, no nav displayed.

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    The slider stopped working when updating sites to 3.2

    please help

    Some additional insight:

    Slider works correctly in IE8

    Does not work in:
    — Google Chrome 12.0.742.112
    — Firefox 5.0
    — Safari 5.0.5

    This slider doesn’t work on ALL browsers. Possible causes: WordPress 3.2 update, jQuery version used.

    Please provide help/fix. Thank you in advance!

    Just updated the plugin and it works now! Hurray! \:D/

    But… The navigation had a glitch. The navigation arrows show up on the first image (on mouse over), but disappears and never goes back on the succeeding images.

    Before today’s update, I had hacked the plugin by simply adding the current version of jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js (v 2.6) from the Nivo Slider website. Earlier versions of Nivo Slider were incompatible with JQuery 1.6.1, which WordPress uses now as of version 3.2.

    My hack of this plugin worked fine, having only replaced the .js file, but when I tried to replace the stylesheet with the Nivo Slider 2.6 version stylesheet, things broke.

    This update does appear to fix things, except I’m experiencing the same navigation glitch described above: the navigation arrows show up on the first image (on hover), but disappear and never appear again on succeeding images. The bottom navigation is present and works fine.

    Dev, do you think you might be able to update this? I love this plugin… I’d been wanting to integrate a slider with NGGallery for months, and had just started writing my own plugin to do this much less elegantly when you released this great plugin and saved me the trouble.

    I also upgraded and the slider now advances in FF. I get the numbered nav at the bottom, which works, but the left/right nav is still missing (it briefly flashes on screen when clicking a number nav item).

    update 1.3.5 should fix the arrow problem, just make sure stylesheets and script is refreshed.

    Mo’ betta now, JJ. Thanks.

    I just discovered another bug though. I’m not sure if this only happens on my end. For the first round of slideshow, the caption shows up with no problems. But on the second round of slideshow, the caption text disappears and only the caption background is showing up.

    Please check and fix, JJ. Thanks in advance!

    Thanks JJ for fixing the navigation for WP 3.2! It works great…

    kenelysergio, I haven’t tried this plugin with captions, so I don’t know if that would work on my installations.

    JJ, the plugin now works great for my purposes except for that it produces invalid code in HTML5 and XHTML Strict by adding a <border> element to each image and lacking an <alt> element. Borders are deprecated in HTML and alt text is required by modern standards.

    I found it easy to hack a single line of code in your plugin to correct this problem, but it might be good if you could incorporate this little fix in your next update. A lot of WP developers are concerned with validating at least as much as possible these days, and fixing this could grow your user base. This is not a WP 3.2 issue per se, and I’ve posted about this in more detail in the Plugins section, but I thought I’d mention it since I’ve seen no response over there.

    Hey Chad,

    I’ve made those suggested changes for validation. There isn’t really a meaningful name I can put in the alt tag with the way I’m integrating NextGen in to the plugin but there is something now for a validators benefit.



    Hi JJCoder,

    Thank you! I had just used “featured” when I hacked your plugin to fix the validation, which lacks specific meaning even more than the “nivo slider image” alt text in place now.

    I could not figure out how to actually pull alt text from each NextGen image, but I think that even this unspecific alt text is better than none — not only for validation but for folks using screen readers and other non-graphic devices as well.

    Now I won’t have to hack your plugin to make it validate as I continue to enjoy using and updating it on into the future… awesome!

    After adding URLs in the Alt & Title Text fields in NextGen Gallery, the slider completely disappears. Deleting the URLs makes the slider reappear. Any ideas what is wrong? I am using WordPress 3.2.1

    UPDATE: There are 4 images in the slider. I can add a URL in the Alt & Title Text field for up to 3 of the images. However, if I add a URL for all4 images, the slider disappears in WordPress.

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