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  • Hi JJ Coder

    First off i would like to thank you for the time and development of this plugin (and the others you have been developing). It is much appreciated I can assure you 🙂

    Secondly I have a query pertaining to the Thumbnail size.

    I understand the plugin is using the original image sizes to populate the carousel… Wouldn’t it be better to use the thumbnails that are generated by Nextgen as the Carousel Thumbnails rather than the original images, is this possible? I understand this plugin is quite new and has a few tweaks along it’s roadmap. 😉

    How I am currently using your plugin – is when the carousel ‘thumbnails’
    are clicked they open a fancybox image preview of the original image; at the
    moment obviously the thumbnails in the carousel are the original images – so they
    are big and display the large image cut off. The only way I can see around this – I have to manually make another nextgen gallery with the right size thumbnails, and link each thumbnail off to their large counterparts for the fancybox preview?

    How can I get around using the full image dimensions, and rather call the NextGen generated thumbs that link off to the appropriate large image ‘lightbox’ previews with thickbox or fancybox?

    Thanks Very Much for your time

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  • Not sure if others have this issue as well or not but I found a way around this.

    If you go into the jj_ngg_jquery_carousel.php

    $output .= "<img src=\"" . $image->imageURL . "\" " . $image_description . $width_d . $height_d . " border=\"0\" />";

    Replace with:

    $newurl = get_bloginfo("wpurl") . "/" . $image->path . "/thumbs/thumbs_" . $image->filename;
    $output .= "<img src=\"" . $newurl . "\" " . $image_description . $width_d . $height_d . " border=\"0\"  />";

    I’m sure someone else has a more elegant solution but this seemed to work nicely for me. Then I just modified the <a> to use class=”thickbox” and it popped up the larger image.

    This is what you where looking for:

    $newurl = get_bloginfo("wpurl") . "/" . $image->path . "/thumbs/thumbs_" . $image->filename;
    		$output .= "<a class=\"shutterset_set_1\" rel=\"%GALLERY_NAME%\" href=\"" . $image->imageURL . "\"><img src=\"" . $newurl . "\" " . $image_description . $width_d . $height_d . " border=\"0\"  /></a>";

    Thanks for the help whatleyc.

    Thanks to whatleyc and craig82. It works.

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