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  • Greetings good developers and contributors of WordPress! My name is Erlend, and I’m a PR manager at the JFusion project. Here’s a quick run through in case you haven’t heard about it before:

    JFusion is a free GPL Extension for the award winning Content Management System (CMS) Joomla. JFusion provides universal user integration, by extending the Joomla 1.5 user authentication framework without any core hacks.

    With JFusion your users can login to both Joomla and the software(s) integrated by JFusion using the same username/password. No core hacks are made to either Joomla! or the integrated software(s) which has the advantage that you can upgrade your software normally without tedious reconfigurations.

    JFusion has bi-directional user-sync, which means that users can be both imported and exported from Joomla.

    I’ve searched around a bit and there seems to be a fair amount of interest for this type of solution already. There also seems to already be a commercial bridge already available, but that’s not the type of license nor business model we’re into, right? 😉

    What we are looking for, is one or two programmers well affiliated with both WordPress and Joomla! to join the JFusion team as a dedicated developer of the JFusion WordPress plug-in. This plug-in would allow for effortless integration between WordPress and Joomla! without conflicting with any of the other bridges (e.g. with SMF and Gallery2 added to the mix thanks to other plug-ins).

    I sincerely hope someone will get in touch, if only to just ask me a couple of questions (though those might as well be posted as replied though). You can reach me at e.soghe at gmail until the end of December, after which you should try get in touch with mariusvr at gmail.


    The JFusion Development Team

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