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  • The lack of an ability to clear Photon’s cache is crippling it it in a significant way for some of us… I just went through converting all my site’s images (a lot) to progressive jpegs from baseline jpegs… I did it as a batch with the Prizm-Image plugin and it worked perfectly…

    In order to get those new images into my site I had to deactivate Photon, because it was still putting the old ones in… I guess I could have gone through and changed all of the id/names and then reinsert them into the various pages, but that’s nuts, and even more especially so in that I had just saved such a huge amount of time with the Prizm plugin… Plus it’d just leave all those old images up there in the clouds “forever,” so to speak… Which seems sort of nuts on it’s own…

    There seems to be a lot of increasing calling to go to progressive images from a lot of different directions including places like google, so it is likely more folks are going to run into this problem.

    The need to be able to clear the cache so it can restore itself seems to have been under discussion in other threads, but I haven’t gotten the impression the need is being taken all that seriously by the plugin’s authors..?

    I do very much appreciate all the wonderful plugins available, including photon, and try to donate a bit here and there when I can. I’d love to be able to use photon some more, but cannot now,, until/unless a clearing of the cache ability is added…

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  • I’m bumping this and second. I’m having the same issues, optimized images using the same tools but still really bad pagespeed scores.

    Searching around I found an interesting little-button that says Jetpack will re-index your content, at the bottom of this page:

    I clicked on it. Right now it says “Indexing request queued and waiting…” I’m curious to see whether it will also refresh the cached images.



    I’ll be curious what you discover… But also to say since posting here I’ve been doing totally fine without Photon, page grades as well as page load speeds, by using Cloudflare and Wordfence/Falcon… I’ve also only uploaded web optimized and appropriately sized progressive images since, which helps…

    Kind regards…

    Well… the magic button didn’t do anything. So, I sent an e-mail to Jetpack Support asking them to clear my entire image cache.

    If anyone from Jetpack is reading this, I’m still with crzyhrse for an option (second magic button?) to clear Photon’s image cache at the webmsters’ will.





    To pazzaglia:

    When you find somebody stealing your images, please go to

    search for that domain and find out the ip of the website
    (IP Address – 159 other sites hosted on this server)

    Now find out the owner of IP again doing the whois for that ip ( You will reach the real host. Submit a former DMCA complaint to them ( or through their support forum. Within 2 days the offender will remove the image or hotlink.

    As par as photon is considered they should implement a mechanism, so that all the images will be deleted when a client opts out. Now it is total mess

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