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    I’m running Jetpack for the stats, and a few minutes ago it dropped visits from my stats. It said over 1400 views for all time, down it says 958. I also had 32 views for today, now it shows 0.

    I’m running Jetpack version 1.2.1

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  • Yes, my total is going up on the At A Glance histogram thingy. It’s gone from about 630 when I first looked to 730, so I am having visitors today.

    It makes sense that it seems to be drawing data from the old site, which would explain why I have no data after October 2010, which is when I switched over to a hosted server.

    I’m terrified to hit the “Disconnect from” button in Jetpack for fear that I’ll lose all stats…

    However, that seems to be the issue: the connection with What’s really confusing is that the histogram is stilla accurate, so it must be drawing current data from somewhere!

    Right, so is there anyone paying attention that can actually fix this? lol


    I don’t entirely follow… I suspect I’m not as technical as you!

    Are you saying that you changed hosting server, and that you used to use wordpress’s own server before Oct 2010? (I didn’t even know wordpress had a server of their own that users could use but anyway). Thing is, I haven’t swapped server: I’ve used bluehost throughout. But what I have noticed is that the data being pulled through seems to come from a different site I have at bluehost, which presumably is some old jetpack file, rather than my new/active site.

    Why the swap from one to the other should suddenly make a difference now though makes no sense at all to me though. 🙁


    I’ve disconnected before because it was so tempting. You won’t lose stats info. It just takes 20 odd minutes to gather them up again.

    I did deactivate jetpack and disconnect from (probably a bit rash there) but reconnected and my histogram data is still there. So hopefully that means you can do it too – but it doesn’t fix anything!

    Look in the upper right hand corner. At least on my site, it’s showing the one official site I’ve registered instead of the site I’m trying to show stats on (formerly via the API key I believe).

    The only change was doing the latest Jetpack update.

    Like others, the histogram looks like it might be updating correctly, but all of the other data tables are showing nothing. I really hope this gets fixed since this is fairly obviously a Jetpack bug.

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    Yep Nbostic, the site showing in my top right hand corner is my original dormant one.

    I am having the same problem. The “At a Glance” is showing the correct figures for the day, week and month, but all other information has suddenly dropped or reset to 0.

    Yes, I am having similar problems, except the “At a glance” chart is correct for the website I have logged into, but the other figures and pages visited etc, are for a completely different website that I also own!

    So 2 sets of data, one set for a website I have not logged into!

    No doubt they will sort it out soon.

    Same here!

    The histogram is correct (I think since the two sites appearing to be pulled are vastly different in traffic numbers), but the all-time, views today and busiest day are definitely pulling from the wrong site stats.

    Thanks for the link Ipstenu, report submitted.

    I’ve tried deactivating Jetpack, deleting it, deactivating all plugins except Jetpack and none of that seems to make a difference.

    Yes, thanks for the link Ipstenu. I’ve also submitted a report, and encourage everyone to do the same. Critical mass and all that.

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