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    I’m running Jetpack for the stats, and a few minutes ago it dropped visits from my stats. It said over 1400 views for all time, down it says 958. I also had 32 views for today, now it shows 0.

    I’m running Jetpack version 1.2.1

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  • Same thing just happened to me. It’s all messed up…went from 3000+ visits to 107. Weird thing is the bar graph is still showing correct numbers per day….

    Yeah, the bar shows the correct numbers for me as well.

    Hopefully this is a temporary problem and the info isn’t lost and since it happened to us at the same time, it’s gotta be on their end.

    I am having the same problem. The “At a Glance” is showing the correct figures for the day, week and month, but all other information has dropped or reset to 0.

    Summary Tables show that no data has been recorded for 2011. However, as mention, At a Glance shows that each month has the right amount of data (e.g. this month should be almost 60,000, it says zero on the summary page). It is also saying 0 view for today, where the At a Glance has (accurately) recorded almost 700 visits.

    I’m on Bluehost if there is any commonality there?

    my stats are gone?!
    No referrers
    No search terms
    No top posts or pages…etc..

    GoDaddy myself, but I’m assuming it’s a Jetpack prob since it happened to us all at basically the same time.

    Just lost 10,000 all time views BUT it’s given me stats for one of my formant WordPress sites.

    Curiouser and Curiouser.

    Oops, for formant, read dormant.


    You are correct sir….it’s showing my stats from my old site….strange

    same here, I have stats from my old blog on

    It’s nice to see people still visiting my old site, even if it is in their ones… and ones.

    Same problem here with Jetpack 1.2.1 on WordPress 3.2.1.
    The graphs show correct number of views but the text says “0 views today”.

    Hmm.. interesting. So it’s showing stats from my old site? That explains why there are more views in 2010 than 2011.

    I have my site hosted on Hostgator FYI.

    Yes, it is showing stats from my old site. Is it because our API is taken from there?

    Well you gents have certainly reassured me…

    My at-a-glance graph is still populated (though today’s number seems to be stuck at 153… coincidence?). But the numbers below for all-time views, views today, and views on my busiest day are 0, 1 and 1 respectively. Which is rubbish as I get around 150 hits a day.

    Referrers, top posts etc. have also gone blank.

    I have a dormant site too and was wondering if these new numbers refer to that.. coincidence?

    also on bluehost but am guessing this is a jetpack thing.?


    is anyone’s total going up on the histogram for today?

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