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    Hi everyone,

    I have been struggling with this for a while now and finally posted it here: My site runs with Jetpack plugin enabled and I have the gallery’s display as Tiled Mosaic. Sadly enough nearly every gallery fails to load all images. There’s always some image missing and instead there is an empty space.

    I thought this had something to do with my theme using some Lightbox on the images but even when I activate the latest Twentyfourteen theme the problem persists. I re saved every post, it just doesn’t help.

    When I look in firebug there is an url to the image src element like this:


    When I manipulate some of the last digits on that url I finally get the image to show but often in wrong aspect ratio.

    Does anyone know an answer to this? It’s very annoying!

    Thanks, Mvd

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  • Hi Jeremy,

    I checked the plugins before, besides it happens on two separate sites (only thing in common is the server).
    So I checked the server as well, no there is no block or hotlink protection, not in the .htaccess either.

    To me it seems like the two problems are related, the image dimensions aren’t set correctly cause the image fails to load (-in time).


    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    To me it seems like the two problems are related, the image dimensions aren’t set correctly cause the image fails to load (-in time).

    I thought so too, but looking at your site, it seems you’ve now disabled Tiled Galleries and Photon but still experience the same dimension issues with your new Tiled Gallery plugin. Do you experience the same problem on your end?

    Hi Jeremy,

    This screenshot is actually the look of the gallery! 🙂
    I must admit it’s not as nice as your plugin but it loads all images (and on all galleries), there are just four images in this gallery, more would look better.

    Hi Jeremy Herve,

    I unfortunately got more and more errors on my site also from different plugins and scripts, it seems that my hosting’s cpu is not sufficient for my needs, maybe this has to do with the Tiled Gallery error as well. Shortly I’ll go over to special wordpress hosting and I’ll post here if that solves the problem!

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Happiness Engineer

    Hi! Just wanted to chime in that most of the work for the Tiled Galleries is done on the end, and not on your server; the images are resized and loaded from our servers. The main part where your server is involved is in the act of sending the images to the servers, like Jeremy explained above. In any case, I look forward to hearing more, after reading through this thread!

    hello all,
    I am experiencing exactly the same problem as Mvd when I try to use tiled galleries. Although I’m totally not as good in coding or as knowledgable as you guys I thought i could share my experiences in how I get things to work, so maybe this can point you guys in the right direction.

    I found this problem to be happening mostly when multiple images are uploaded/added at the same time. For example when i use ftp to upload all the images to the server, and then the add from server plugin, then i get a lot more of these errors. Also when i upload the images from within wordpress more then one at a time then it happens. But when i upload them one by one, then 9 out of 10 times it is ok.

    As a solution to getting a image that is not displaying to display, I just go to the media, edit media, rotate image CW save it, rotate it CCW again, save it again and then it works.

    Some of the images I use are quite big, 4000×6000, since that’s how they come out of the camere and I only have an android tablet with me so resizing is not that easy. So they sometimes are 9-10 Mb, maybe this causes the images, not to get to the server within the 10 seconds-margin that i read above.

    hope this helps, because it is a lot of work at times…

    grtz Karel

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Happiness Engineer

    weeeweeeweee: If you upload via FTP, then yes, that would happen as Jetpack/Photon don’t know about the existence of the files and thus they aren’t sent to the Photon CDN, so that makes sense. And as you suspect, that huge size for an image is the source of the problem; your server needs to be very fast for us to be able to get it within 10 seconds, and even then, I suspect we’ll always have difficulty with a file that size. The rotation that you do causes WordPress and your server to resize and resave the images, which then gets sent to Photon.

    If you’re ready to give up on this problem (one which I was also having) I just turned off the Jetpack Mosaic galleries and installed “Justified Image Grid” by Firsh (bought it from code canyon). It has a super easy option to simply “turn wordpress galleries into mosaic galleries”. Everything worked perfectly after that.

    Not sure how that affects loading time and all that if you’re using the Photon option to boost load speeds but I personally found that with or without photon the wp galleries didn’t work.

    Though there’s still always that annoying nagging thing that the bug that caused the original problem is still out there…. good luck!

    Hi all, here’s what happened when I finished moving hosting to the quicker wordpress hosting package of my host; The Images load now nearly all but they remain way to small or (sometimes) with a broken image icon.

    This moving didn’t help on part of the gallery much.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Happiness Engineer

    Hi Mvd,

    You don’t appear to have Photon or Tiled Galleries on at the moment, but I did notice that there is an animation on the images in your gallery now; whatever is causing that animation may be affecting the Tiled Gallery as well. If you want to troubleshoot this further, please turn Tiled Galleries back on. Thanks!

    Hi, Thanks for the reply!

    I’ve just turned tiled galleries back on!

    Hi, I think you meant the effect that comes with the gallery plugin I use instead, zoom on hover. Not hearing from you so I have deactivated tiled gallery again!

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Happiness Engineer

    Hi Mvd, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get to your reply quick enough. If you want, maybe you could provide me with login credentials so I can try to turn on and off the Tiled Galleries when I can? If that’s good for you, then please contact us at and I’ll get back to you. Make sure to link to this thread if you do so. Thanks!

    Hi Richard,
    Just added the support ticket! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Ok, Jetpack support says the following:

    Ok, I went in and did a few tests. Basically, the issue is still that originally we weren’t able to get the image on your slower server, so now, our system is unable to try to get the images again on the newer server. One thing you could try is to change the filenames of the images that break; that way, Photon will try to get them again and will hopefully succeed. We’re working on improving our fallback mechanisms if an image isn’t able to be loaded, but we’re not quite there yet.

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