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  • Plugin Contributor Dan (a11n)


    Hi there

    Thanks for the screenshot! That message means that the email address used to subscribe already has pending subscriptions to other or Jetpack-connected blogs, and those pending subscriptions need to be accepted or cancelled before you can subscribe to more blogs.

    You can manage pending subscriptions via

    Hope that helps!

    Thread Starter michaelware1205


    Thanks for the reply Dan.
    I’ve checked and I have no pending subscriptions. I’ve had other users test and they get the same result. You can subscribe to 1 site, but no more than that. Again, this is a multisite, a parent school district site and individual schools as subdirectories. These sites all have the same root domain but different subdirectories. Seems the subscribe system considers them all from the same site?

    Plugin Contributor Stef (a11n)


    Hi there, @michaelware1205,

    I have just tested the subscription forms on three different schools, and I successfully subscribed to my email address to both differently.

    This is excellent news as it confirms that the Subscription feature works independently in each subdomain you have in your multi-site network.

    I still see 35 pending subscribers for, but any on the other two sites I subscribed to.

    Can you try using another email address one more time for me, and see if you can subscribe to different sites?

    You’re welcome to keep the email address private and share our findings via this contact form.

    Please make sure to and mention this thread when you write to us 🙂

    Let me know what you find out, and we’ll take it from there if necessary.


    Thread Starter michaelware1205


    Thank you Stef.
    I was able to subscribe with 2 separate emails, so it appears something was unclogged on the backend. Thank you!

    How can I see a list of pending subscribers? I don’t see that anywhere in the admin.

    Plugin Support lastsplash (a11n)


    Hi @michaelware1205

    That is great, I am glad that is working.

    The list of pending subscribers is only available to Jetpack staff. It isn’t something that we expose via the admin UI.

    I’m going to mark this thread as resolved. If you have additional questions about Jetpack in the future, feel free to open a new thread.d

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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