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    I have manually copied all of my daily visitor and views numbers from JetPack stats over to a spreadsheet and let it do the math. I manually added some months as well to double check that I asked the spreadsheet to do the correct formulas.

    JetPack stats monthly views is fine, matches exactly, but monthly visitors does not. April is off by nearly 600 (JetPack is showing less) and past months are off by 100-300 in decreasing amounts further in the past. The only reason I didn’t notice until now is because the difference jumped so much last month. Previously if I divided monthly visitors by days of the month the average made sense. Last month the average was lower than my lowest day.

    Is there a reason for this? Can I force it to re-tally?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Animesh Gaurav


    Hi @jennapeterson88

    Could you please let us know how you are comparing Jetpack stats? I mean are you comparing it with stats of any different tool you may have installed?

    All stats tracking systems collect and report information differently.

    For example, Jetpack’s stats do not include visits from logged-in users by default. Many site owners find this useful, since tracking your own visits artificially inflates your traffic. That might be one explanation for the variance between your other stats system and Jetpack’s.

    Jetpack also does not report visits in real-time. That is, there’s a bit of a lag between when visits occur, and when they are reported in your stats.

    Additionally, there are certain search engine robots and “spiders” that Jetpack doesn’t count, and referrers that are considered spam referrers by Akismet (our spam-catching plugin) will not be reported in your stats. Other tracking systems may be less discerning in what they count toward the stat they report to you, and therefore give you different numbers than we do.

    Finally, the different rates at which all these trackers are blocked by the different ad-blocking browser extensions can also affect your stats.

    For all of those reasons, different stat tracking methods will rarely, if ever, be in sync. You may find it worthwhile to use tracking data from a variety of stats systems to develop a broad picture of your visitors’ behavior.

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    Hi @bizanimesh

    No, I am comparing JetPack to JetPack.
    I looked at the daily numbers for May 1, May 2, May 3, etc. all the way to May 31 and put them in a spreadsheet to add them up. I also added them up manually with a calculator.
    Total Visitors 1,779
    Total Views 3,790
    If I look at May 2021 on the monthly stats it says
    Total Visitors 1,181
    Total Views 3,790

    These are all JetPack’s own numbers and I am looking at last month so nothing is still being calculated. I know it takes up to an hour to get views right. This is 8+ days later.

    Plugin Contributor Stef


    Hi @jennapeterson88,

    I had a look at your Jetpack connection via our debugger tool, and I noticed that there are 8,146 posts currently on the cache site. I also noticed that the last sync was run 11 months ago, so I queued a sync job and scheduled a fix for the discrepancies in the post cached, which might help with the Stats discrepancies too.

    Let’s wait 24 to 48 hours for the fix to complete, and check again the stats. If there are still discrepancies, we’ll investigate further.

    Let me know how it goes. Thanks!

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