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  • I lost all my Jetpack site stats
    after I deactivated and reactivated Jetpack.

    Of course I need to get those back.. please help

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  • I got the same problem today. Did you find a solution??

    Is this a defect or is it the way it should work so it’s possible to reset the stats?? Their support does not answer…

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    Unfortunately this was never resolved…
    Their support did answer,
    but never came back to me with a solution

    The support haven’t even answered me in 3 days. I wrote that I would pay to get the old stats back. Not that it’s a commercial site but I would really like the stats back for my webcreation since 2008.

    I would be happy even for the raw data even if I can’t get it back in the stats view.

    Did they say if it’s a defect that is being addressed?

    Do you have an email address for the support?

    Thread Starter Alain Verheij


    Sorry for the loss of your stats. We have identified that this is a bug and are working on a fix. This may take some time to figure out, but we have flagged your support ticket and when a solution is provided we will notify you that the fix has been applied.

    this was from support at wordpress dot com
    contact name was Wes

    November 2011.

    Ok, nothing about getting the stats back. If they take daily backups of the stats it might be possible to pay them to get the stats back. That’s what I’m hoping.

    I haven’t found any open bugtracking for jetpack.

    Well, I will never trust jetpack or any other cloud service with my data if I can’t make backups myself.

    Well, I will never trust jetpack or any other cloud service with my data if I can’t make backups myself.

    Exactly! When the stats were kept on my server using WP Stats I never once had a problem in all the years I’ve used it on over 8 websites. With the promise of all the greatness that Jetpack would bring I stupidly went and installed it on half of those sites. I should have only tried it out on one website as I’ve now spent many hours dealing with all the problems caused by Jetpack.

    WordPress, if you are going to insist on pushing such a crappy service such as Jetpack on your users the least you can do is support them and help your users through all the bugs and problems it causes.

    Better still, just ditch it. There is no need for and to be combined. offers nothing that doesn’t already have. It was a stupid idea to begin with.

    Hey I found something!

    I installed the plugin WP-Stats-Dashboard and noticed that Blog ID is a setting. In the help it says “Make sure the Jetpack plugin is installed and configured. Your blog-id will be automatically filled in by this plugin”.

    And when I view the stats in WP-Stats-Dashboard my old stats are displayed! But they end just when the new reset stats start in the Jetpack view.

    Somehow the internal id for my blog is changed? But how can wp-stats-dashboard find my old stats when it relies on Jetpack and Jetpack runs on some new id??

    Ok I solved it!!!

    The problem was in jetpack_options in the table wp_options:

    In stats_options:

    In jetpack_options

    I changed yyy in jetpack_options to xxx in stats_options.

    For some reason the id in jetpack_options had changed!

    I hope this helps somebody else! Now life is more fun when the stats are back. Whew! =)

    I don’t know if this is a Jetpack defect or not. The Automattic support has not gotten back to me on my support request. I did loose 3-4 days of stats but that’s better than loosing all the old stats..

    Good luck!

    Thread Starter Alain Verheij


    Wow, good for you!! Nice.

    In the meantime though I have built up some nice new stats,
    so I will have to choose between old & new stats,
    is that correct?

    Yes, I believe so. I will ask the support if they can merge the stats and let you know. If they ever contact me that is.

    But I think you can safely go back and forth between the stats, at least I’ve done that. And you could take screenshots or gather data some other way of your old stats if that’s useful for you.

    Just check if you have different id:s in those two option columns under the wp_options table. And then you can set the jetpack to either the old or the new id depending on which stats you want to use for the moment. Ofcourse current stats will be registered on whichever of the instances are active at the moment.

    Btw, WP-Stats-Dashboard, has some nice features. It builds on the same stats as Jetpack like I said above.

    It would be interesting to know if the id:s are different in your db as well. So we can let them know it’s probably the same defect.

    Good luck to you!

    Thread Starter Alain Verheij


    Thanks Ben! I hope support will answer…

    You can always see your old stats if you find the old blog_id by visiting:

    where xxx is blog-id.

    That’s the answer I got from the support. We can’t merge them right now, maybe in the future.

    Let me know if you have trouble finding the id.

    I lost my stats too. Until January 6th I had a blog_id. Starting from January 7th I have another blog_id, and this wiped all my stats.

    I tried to revert back my old blog_id without success.

    This is unbelievably disappointing. I am going through the same thing right now and have gotten no help from the forums or the Jetpack support form.

    Whats worse, all of Jetpack subscribers I had accumulated are gone now and I have no way to even import them into a new blog.

    WordPress people if you’re reading this – you hailed the wonders of Jetpack and have now left a lot of us up shit creek. Not cool.

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