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  • I’ve read a few threads out there similar to this, but none are recent or cover my issue specifically.

    Recently I backed up my production wp db to my local environment and in doing so my production site requested that I reconnect to When I did that all of my stats and subscribers were erased and my local install started tracking stats that should have gone to my production site.

    Reading through the forums I found similar issues with solutions involving manually changing the wp_options table. I followed them and my production stats are back and still tracking, however I just published a new post and none of my subscribers were notified.

    Yesterday I contacted support but have yet to hear back. Can anyone out there offer any solutions/other avenues for support?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Anyone? Please? I cannot believe I’m the only person to have run into this.

    Hi, Adam,

    This issue occurs because Jetpack does not know when it is running in a copy and not the production site.

    I found your support request and fixed the database records in the Jetpack service. You should be able to disconnect and reconnect Jetpack on your production site to restore full service.

    Please accept my apology. We are aware of this difficult issue and looking for a way to resolve it. In the interim, please avoid running an exact copy of your blog on any other server.



    Many, many thanks for sorting this out. I was beginning to think that I had been forgotten.

    Future generations will sing of your gallantry.


    It would be nice if there was a way to merge stats together after this kind of problem occured. I have 4 days of stats on a new id before I found out how to continue using my old stats instance.

    I’ll second that.

    Merging the stats/subscribers would be ideal for me… but if nothing else I’m glad that everything is back to the way it was beforehand.

    Hey Andy i’ve encountered the same problem with my wordpress stats.. would you be able to help me out ?

    rcarrollct: see my description of how to revert to the old stats data in this thread:

    Doesn’t that net you with two sets of stats and two sets of subscribers?

    It does, but when I did it I had the choice between 2 years or 4 days so the choice was easy. There is no way to merge them afaik. But you can see see who is subscribing and notify them that they have to subscribe again?

    Do you know if ever replies our support requests? I faced the same situation, corrected my blog id on my site manually, removed the duplicate site and contacted WordPress support hoping they will update my blog id on their servers, waited one week without any reply, sent again, waited another week without any reply and I don’ know what to do now.

    They did reply to my support request but it took about a week. But I don’t understand what they should do with your blogid? Are you not using your old id? Then everything should be fine?

    Yes, I am currently using my old id, but that only works for stats. Jetpack uses the new id for everything else like subscribing to comments or post notifications. Also when I disconnect and reconnect the Jetpack, it reverts to the new ID and I need to manually update the ID in the database.

    Aha, can you search your db and see if the new id can be found in other places and then replace it with the old? Use for instance the plug-in Search and replace. (

    Nope, dumped the database, searched the new id, but the id is defined only in one place and I had the old id there. Also disconnected and reconnected Jetpack to see if the issue was corrected and lost all stats again. The new id appeared in the options after reconnecting so I manually changed it again to the old id to restore the stats.

    Hm, the new id must be somewhere else it shouldn’t start using it. Sorry I can’t help you more.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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