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    Hi everyone. I connected my student association Facebook account using Publicize (Jetpack plugin) with our WordPress website and at first, it worked: I could post on my blog and push the new post on our Facebook page (not profile, page).

    Last night, the feature wasn’t working, so I removed the connection. Now, I can no longer connect my Page to Jetpack.

    I have removed WordPress’ permissions from Facebook and retried the connection, but all I see is my association’s Facebook Profile, not its Page.

    I am really at a loss. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

    Here’s what I currently see: screenshot.

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  • @ Jeremy Herve: Even if you have “good news” or not, pls. give us an update. The publicize feature is very essential for a lot of your users!

    people keep saying FB made changes, but the fault is down to wordpress….sorry you cant have it both ways. Yes FB do keep making changes, but whoever is at fault let the guys fix the problem and stop blaming them, you think that will make them want to work any harder?
    Oh and if those of you are so clever and know the problem, is the API write them the fixed version, oh wait you don’t know if that really is the problem or you are just being a sheep…
    Be constructive or let them do it.

    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    @ufhh You can follow our progress in the Trac ticket I mentioned earlier:

    As you can see, we committed a fix to the development version of Jetpack not that long ago, but we still have some testing to do before we can release an update including that fix.

    If you have a test blog, feel free to apply the fix and let us know in the ticket or here if the fix worked for you.


    @ Jeremy Herve: You are my hero for today! ^^

    Fix is working fine. Implemented in a testing site, then a single blog and then into a multi-blog… all functions are “back to normal”. 🙂

    Thank you!

    I am an utter novice and I manages to get it working by carefully copy pasting the code from the “ticket”. I applied the fix to my bike blog if that’s on any help to you.

    Then came the next challenge when I realized that I can’t publicize to both my personal FB page and my “page” at the same time… (however that has been solved too).

    Thank you for all the help! =D

    Same issue here, I have three pages under my personal FB account, but Jetpack PUB will only see my personal FB account – not working!



    I updated some codes according to “the fix” and its working now thxs

    The fix is working fine. Well job!

    looking forward find some good news

    Thank you for the link to a FIX. A point of clarification though, please!?

    On the link to the code changes, should I interpret the green lines as lines to add and the red as lines to delete? I am unclear on the convention or meaning of the background color on the code. That’s my guess but I’d like to be clear and I’m sure others would appreciate the info too.

    And thank you again for the fix.

    Will someone please help me with the fix?? I am a complete newbie at coding and I am so lost at trying to fix this, but I would really like to be able to post to my FB page again.

    On the link to the code changes, should I interpret the green lines as lines to add and the red as lines to delete?

    At the top of the page it has a legend with a green box that says ‘added’ and a pink box that says ‘removed’. So yes if you do this in the appropriate places it should work.

    I have applied the fix and currently it has worked on a demo site and a live site. I found I had to remove the existing FB links and redo them, so that may help others, but after that no problems at all and no neverending popup boxes asking me to make the connection available.


    Done and done, hope this fix comes out as an official patch soon


    I knew there would be an obvious answer, but for us code newbies the obvious things are NOT! Thank you for the clarification.

    @jeremy Herve. Hero of the week, or for as long as this fix works. 😉

    Is the ‘fix’ coding the only way to solve this problem or can we expect an update on the plugin soon so this bug is fixed?

Viewing 15 replies - 46 through 60 (of 115 total)
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