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    Hi everyone. I connected my student association Facebook account using Publicize (Jetpack plugin) with our WordPress website and at first, it worked: I could post on my blog and push the new post on our Facebook page (not profile, page).

    Last night, the feature wasn’t working, so I removed the connection. Now, I can no longer connect my Page to Jetpack.

    I have removed WordPress’ permissions from Facebook and retried the connection, but all I see is my association’s Facebook Profile, not its Page.

    I am really at a loss. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

    Here’s what I currently see: screenshot.

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  • Okay Jetpack developers – what’s it going to take to solve this problem? This is a MAJOR issue and I’m sure that everyone who has posted plus several hundred others who are simply frustrated would be willing to chip in a few bucks to make a solution appear yesterday. We know this stuff takes time, and the time invested should be rewarded. So give us a way to help you to help us.

    A friend of mine is using a different social connection plugin in his website, and he’s having the same problem regarding Facebook connection.

    I must be the Facebook API.

    same Problem on my self-hostet@strato wp 3.5.2 and jetback 2.3.1

    hopefully there will be a solution as soon as possible

    +1, I’ve got this problem on 10 sites. Please Fix!!

    I forgot myself that this past weekend, Facebook implemented developers changes. One of the big ones was to use absolute hrefs if I recall correctly. So this really boils down to not paying attention to what Facebook put out over 2 months ago. There is probably lots of code that needs to be changed to get this to work with how Facebook changed, but really – everyone had plenty of time to prepare for this. It was not like Facebook said “Hey we are gonna do this, and it starts tomorrow!” I guess I will sit and wait patiently to hear about an update cause that is what I really believe is going to fix this issue.

    +1 Posting for updates.

    me too, +1 Posting for updates.

    This whole thing reflects poorly on WordPress. It’s sad to see such a wonderful name tarnished.

    Well being honest it reflects badly on Facebook since it seems to have been caused by them.
    Facebook has at least 3 different pc versions, my partners Facebook is different to mine, and a friend has a different version to both of us, theirs looks more like the mobile version, so it is hard for designers to keep up with changes.

    This is the developer API – there’s only one version.

    This isn’t a problem with Facebook, it’s the WordPress implementation of the Publicize plugin and they need to fix a bug that should have been caught prior to release.


    From what I’m finding, no one got ready for this. Not even other big social media sites such as twitter. I put my twitter settings to post to my facebook page to try to work around this and it can’t even do it. Jgentes is right about this.

    On Wordbooker plugin everything is working fine :-(.

    On Wordbooker plugin everything is working fine :-(.

    So why the sad face? lol

    And yeah, no one got ready for these changes.


Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 115 total)
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