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    After I reinstalled wordpress, uploaded content inc images, forgot to upload the database and used a new one instead. Once I uploaded and switched to the correct database images then appeared in Media Library. However the images did not appear on website although they show in editor. Reading a thread I noted that it could be a jetpack conflict and indeed it so appears.

    What to do with Jetpack now?



    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @garyartista,

    Could you try regenerating your site thumbnails? Regenerate Thumbnails plugin does a great job at that. If you have a caching plugin enabled, clear your site cache or just disable it for now.

    You should also try viewing the site in a private tab (incognito), just in case you’re being served a cached copy of the site – clear your browser cache too.

    If the above suggestions don’t work, then just disable Jetpack plugin since you’re already suspecting it.

    Let me know if the above suggestions work or not, so we can explore other options. Cheers!

    I use two browsers to avoid the cached copy issue and clear that history. I have disabled Jetpack and the problems with images on the website (versus the WP admin panel where the images were showing as they should) disappeared immediately.

    Are you saying that Jetpack might cause the problem IF there are issues with thumbnails?


    Hi @garyartista,

    I am saying in some cases you need to regenerate your thumbnails after migration or changing a theme.

    That you’re still keeping the Jetpack plugin after you’ve found it to be the issue means you really need it. There’s a chance another plugin is conflicting with Jetpack, I have experienced this in the past and in my case it was a caching plugin.

    Could you try disabling other plugins but Jetpack and see if that resolves it. If it does, enable your plugins one after the other while checking to see which is causing the conflict. Also, go to your jetpack settings and turn off features you don’t need.

    Keep me posted.

    Looks like the problem has to do with Jetpack. I disabled all plugins and switched to 2020 theme. I found a post with no image showing and added an image to it and it still did not show on the website.

    I can still see images in the media library.

    I have not tried to regenerate the thumbnails. I worry about messing with the images as I have had so much trouble with images this last week. Do you still suggest that as a next step I try to regenerate them?

    thanks for the assistance


    You’re welcome @garyartista.

    Could you try going to your dashboard – jetpack – settings and in the ‘performance’ tab turn off “image lazy loading” if it’s turned on. If that doesn’t solve it, also turn off ‘enable site accelerator’ option.

    I disabled lazy first, that did not do it. Site accelerator seems to have done the trick. I will explore more and confirm.


    I am now getting an error message, “Updating failed. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response.” This was when I was preparing a post with an image. The post then published correctly however.


    If there is nothing else to follow up on I will mark this as resolved. Great job! Muchismas gracias!

    It’s great to know you’ve been able to resolve this. If you experience any issue with the Jetpack plugin in the future, do raise it up in the jetpack forum.

    Go ahead and mark this topic as resolved. Cheers!

    ta da!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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