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  • Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    Hey Raul, I’m glad that you like the plugin. What exactly do you mean by the jetpack-post-views custom field?


    I mean the Custom field created by the plugin.

    The “unlimited” field is not populating correctly.

    For me I am using the plugin and have the widget up with the top 5 posts, but the view counts the widget was showing for those 5 posts don’t match the actual view counts under the Jetpack total post stats of all time. And after days of more views the totals stayed the same. So I have now disabled the view count since it doesn’t seem to be updating. Also, it is showing the top 5 posts in the wrong order in the sense that it doesn’t have them sorted correctly according to all time views. I assume this is because it still is using some old view count numbers and doesn’t realize other posts have now moved up the ranks. Do you know how this can be fixed?

    Also, since I disabled the view count I enabled the thumbnails for each post instead, but the thumbnails are so tiny that they are kind of nondescript. Would I be able to edit the code manually in order to increase the thumbnail sizes a little bit?

    Hey Steven.

    Let me explain what I did, maybe then you can realize what’s the problem…

    First I cloned the JPV_display_top_posts() function with my own prefix to show the most viewed posts in a page template with my custom HTML format. This is working as intended because it’s showing views from stats_get_csv().

    On the other side, I have a last posts list hardcoded on my home page, showing views from custom field jetpack-post-views-Year because jetpack-post-views is returning empty or 0 values, and also not updating when entering a post.

    Enabled de debug mode on the plugin to see what happens on updates, and all custom fields (-Year, -Month, etc) where populated/updated for posts unless jetpack-post-views (unlimited).

    Can you please provide some help? I can give you more data or access to the site if you need it… 😉

    PS: marcbkk, can you open a new thread for your question please? Has nothing to do with mine. Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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