• I have had an on-going issue, receiving notifications that my site is down and back up. It is from ten to 110 minutes, eleven notices in the last week. I have contacted Bluehost about this multiple times and each time they say it is something different, they don’t see anything, your site is up now, bandwidth so it was throttled (impossible), they were fixing the server, plug in error was taking my site down but they clearly did not read the log because when I asked which one they said you can read it yourself and when I asked did you read it they changed the topic. Frustrating.

    So – I will go through again and look at plug-ins, remove everything that I don’t have to have to see if that helps and burn a bunch of time. I am on the shared service and have very little traffic. The url is http://www.northwestguiides.com/

    I have very close to the same setup with the same theme with another host and a lot of traffic with no problems.

    I have another site with Bluehost on a different account / server with a different theme and totally different plugins and get the same notifications from it, just less often.

    I am about ready to eat the expense and move my site early. Is it jetpack? Does anyone have any other ideas on what to look for?


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    Is it jetpack?

    I recommend asking in this plugin’s dedicated support sub-forum for better results so its developers and users can help you with this:

    Very likely the problem is Bluehost, not Jetpack. In 2010 Bluehost was acquired by EIG, a mega-host renowned for buying up successful hosts then ruining them through poor customer service. I was with iPage at one time, same situation. I had to eat two years of a three year agreement to get away. It was worth it.

    I think your link may have an extra ‘i’ by the way. Oregon fishing looks awesome!

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    Ooops, yes, thank you. http://www.northwestguides.com/

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    BTW – I use the same setup on four sites, the ones on Bluehost get the messaging regularly and the other two, on a different service, do not.

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    I am seriously considering it. Thanks for the reply.

    Go to jetpack dashboard and deselect “Downtime Monitoring”. But it is not actual solution. it prevents jetpack only from monitoring site. If it not works,contact your host provider.

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