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    Jetpack mobile works fine when i go through my url but if i click on any of my search engine results then it will take me to desktop version of the site page not the Jetpack Mobile page.

    Don’t know whats wrong. it should be taking to the Jetpack Mobile Theme page from search engines results right ?


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  • Hi

    I had this problem at one stage and then realised it’s because I had cache plugin switched on.

    If you are using a cache plugin try switching it off and then clearing your phone cache and try again. If it is working right then you need to look at you cache plugin configuration settings.

    I use quick cache and had to add some user agent strings to allow mobile devices to bypass the cache.




    Thanks Kevin,

    Can you tell me what sort of user agent strings i need for that ?


    I can only describe the way to fix it using Quick Cache as that is the caching plugin I use. But i’m sure all the other main caching plugins also offer a way of doing it.

    With Quick Cache there are two options you can use – you can get mobile devices to bypass the cache and take their content direct from the database. This can add a bit of extra burden to your server depending on how many people visit your site on a mobile device. It can also make it slower to load as the page has to be rendered for the mobile device.

    The second way to set up user agent referrals to build a spate cache for each user agent. AS there are dozens of different referrer agents – and growing – this means that you will have dozens of cache pages for each page and will use up a lot of disk space if you have a big site. But the page load will be quicker as the device is loading from a cache.

    So you have a choice – faster loading but bigger disk space use and less server resources or slower loading and lower disk space but more server resources.

    If you want mobile devices to ignore the cache and build pages individually then open up the option No-Cache User-Agent Patterns
    Then add in the box text that refers to mobile devices you want to ignore the cache. The list I use is:


    This sets it so that any user agent that has any of the above words in it will ignore the cache and build a page directly.

    The second way – where you build a page for each user agent is to use the MD5 Version Salt
    and add the following to the options box

    including the brackets but remember depending on how busy your site is you could easily have 20 or 30 versions of a page in the cache, it is very disk space heavy.

    If you are using another cache plugin then you’ll need to read the documentation on how to deal with mobile device issues.


    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    @kevin Perfect list!

    If you use W3 Total Cache, you can refer to these instructions:

    WP Super Cache includes a Mobile option that you can check to exclude mobile devices form the cache.

    @jeremey thanks for the great support. In an email you said:

    I would also suggest that you configure your caching plugin to ignore mobile devices. This will make sure that desktop users don’t see a cached version of the Mobile Theme, as it’s currently happening on your site.

    I am using Quick Cache and did what @kevin suggested.

    @jeremey I suppose that’s what you said I should do in the email note I quoted above.

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    Yep, that’s what I had in mind. I’m not really familiar with the Quick Cache plugin, but this list of user agents should work just fine!

    Excellent. Thanks.

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