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  • Hi there!

    The Jetpack integration seems not to work.
    Having installed latest version of Jetpack and this plugin, seems not to make any difference. There’s nowhere a settings page (link) to be found. Only after installing Contact Form 7 I can access the settings for this plugin. Changing/Saving these settings does have no effect for Jetpack integration.

    So please make the settings page accessable if only Jetpack is installed and “Contact” Module is activated.

    Please check the Jetpack integration again, also as other users here reported it seems to have no effect.

    Otherwise, awesome plugin and great work – keep it up!

    –Thanks, Dave 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    So I understand, is the issue just that when only JetPack is enabled, you don’t have links to the CFDB plugin admin pages, or are you also saying that it does not capture form submissions from JetPack?

    Correct, it’s both, no settings links and no submissions captured.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I’ll put in menu links in the next update to make them more obvious.

    As for data not being captured: I have a hunch about this. Edit the form and in the “Email notifications” tab, explicitly enter in an email address & save. I suspect that if this is not set, JetPack fails to call the hook that would trigger the save of data.

    I have four email addresses set up in the form and each of them get an email however the info is still not captured in the db.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I’m confounded by being unable to reproduce this.

    – I created a new WP site (version 3.4.2).
    – Installed JetPack 2.0.2, activated it, connected to
    – Installed my plugin & activated it
    – When to a new post, create a simple form (name & email) saved
    – Previewed the form, did a submission
    – When to the CFDB submission page and “JetPack Contact Form” was in the drop down under *select form*
    – I choose that and my submission showed.

    I wonder if there is some conflict with another plugin. You might try turning off all other plugins except these to and test if it works.

    I dunno. I’m not able to deactivate these plugins right now since the site is in use. David, can you give it a go?

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I just updated the plugin (version 2.4.4) with a fix that MIGHT resolve this problem. I was not able to reproduce this problem with JetPack, but a similar problem was occurring using Contact Form 7 & WordPress 3.5 that I was able to resolve.

    PS. With this update, different JetPack forms will be given different names when save. Instead of all of them being “JetPack Contact Form” the name will be that plus a number on the end.

    Also you will find in the Admin page, a “Contact Form DB” link to get to the plugin’s administration pages.

    It didn’t. Not sure if they changed JetPack as well but the only thing I noticed is that it whacked out my form’s styles so I had to redo those and now I have TWO forms to choose from in the Contact Form DB and they are both empty. One says “JetPack Contact Form” and “JetPack Contact Form 21”. Weird.

    I am having the same problem. I really, really need this plugin to work a.s.a.p. and it is very frustrating. Have you figured out what is wrong?

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    At this point, I think I need someone to give access to their site where this is not working so I can try to figure out what the problem is. I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem on my own site. Any volunteers?

    I would be happy to volunteer. What information do you need?

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    Make me an admin account on your site. Send log to

    Ok, I did. You should have it in your e-mail.

    I am facing the same problem for my site.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    @simplyperky I fixed the problem on your site.

    I’ll try to push an update of the plugin shortly that hopefully fixes the problem for everyone. Hopefully the problem I found was the only one.

    The problem occurred when there were column (field) names that had a single quote in them. In the case of SimplyPerky it was “Today’s Date”. The plugin was creating a query to get the data out of the DB which was bad an no data showed in the admin page or short codes.

    The good news is that the data is still in the DB so nothing is lost. Once I fixed the query code, all old entries appear.

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