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    I’ve been playing with the amazing theme to add support to infinite scroll but I’m still not able to do it.

    I was using Infinite-Scroll but I am having a problem with the posts overlapping each other when the scroll happens and wanted to try another infinite-scroll plugin.

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  • Hi Juan.

    Well, forget about the jetpack infinite scroll plugin.

    find paul irish’ infinte scroll plugin:

    you can find it through the plugin search in your wp backend as well.

    you’ll have to change the css selector for “#content” by “#post-area”. the rest is already a-ok!

    you can see a working version on my modified pinbin version at

    Theme Author Silkalns



    Thanks for suggestion!

    I can confirm that this plugin actually works with Pinbin theme.

    you’re welcome. maybe you can change the post-area id to content for out of the box integration with the theme. although this is quite straight forward. i guess adding a small howto to the documentation should do as well :-).

    paul irish’ code is really nice as well. I read you were thinking about adding infinte scroll to the theme? might want to look into his implementation.

    I was trying to apply the infinite-scroll plugin to my website but the posts stack. I changed the content selector to #post-area but still no luck. I even tried to re install pinbin and disabled all other plugins running on my website. Do I need to change some other settings or is this a problem specific to my website?


    When you use the infinite scroll plugin, on the infinite scroll settings page. Scroll down to the Behaviors setting and change it from Default to Masonry/Isotope. Doing that fixed my “stacking” problem.

    That fixed the issue, thanks for the help.

    Hi! How do you change the “Behaviors” setting from Default to Masonry/Isotope?

    Do you mean to change it here and if so, how?:

    public $behaviors = array( //array of behaviors as key => array( label => js file ) (without extension)
    ‘twitter’ => array( ‘label’ => ‘Manual Trigger’, ‘src’ => ‘manual-trigger’ ),
    ‘local’ => array( ‘label’ => ‘Local’, ‘src’ => ‘local’ ),
    ‘cufon’ => array( ‘label’ => ‘Cufon’, ‘src’ => ‘cufon’ ),
    ‘masonry’ => array( ‘label’ => ‘Masonry/Isotope’, ‘src’ => ‘masonry-isotope’)

    Please help! Need a how-to!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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