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  • I am using a Jetpack Tiled Gallery in a widget section of my friend’s blog. He mentioned to me that the gallery was loading VERY slowly. After investigating, I realized that the thumbnails in the gallery were actually the full size images being sized down to thumbnail size. So it has to load to full size version of each image which takes a lot of time.

    In every example I have seen online, the src of the image is resized using URL parameters. On my friend’s blog, it is attempting to resize the src of the image using this method; however, it doesn’t seem to be working. I am using Photon by Jetpack as well.

    The blog is and the gallery is in the widget section to the right titled “Braggin Board”

    Here is a sample src URL for one of the gallery thumbnails:

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  • I just came across this problem as well. Why wouldn’t the gallery thumbnail be using the thumbnail images, or at least the medium sized. Using the full size image is terribly slow loading.

    Same problem here. Can’t find any solutions.

    Another thread about that issue was closed without any help 🙁

    I mean the tiled galleries inside a post does exactly what we want for the widget. It pulls the re-sized thumbnails but in my sidebar (widget) it uses the full width (original) image and scales it down. I end up with a 15mb home page :

    Pls we need a solution for this guy!

    Any progress on this?

    The gallery plugin really needs to be using thumbnails or medium sized images for it’s initial display. Loading the full-size image is way too slow to download.

    Ditto. Not only that, but it doesn’t seem to let the browser cache the images, so they reload every time.

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