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  • Resolved Johanhorak


    Hi Thanks for the great plugin.

    Two issues:

    1) It does not like image gallery short codes. I am using Jetpack and nothing appears. I tried other Post Tab plugins as well and none seem to show gallery short codes. I had to list a few images via table; not that nice.

    2) I also noticed that some of the tabs are not clickable. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Odd.

    See the tabs here


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  • Plugin Author Mark / t31os


    Hi Johanhorak,

    Post UI Tabs won’t do anything to stop other shortcodes working(you also mentioned that other tabs plugins exhibit the same behaviour), i use a non-standard means for executing shortcodes in the plugin, so it should not play any part in whether other shortcodes work.

    Do the problem shortcodes work in the same post/page outside of the tabs shortcode?

    Regarding the other issue, the plugin provides an option for disabling empty tabs, do your non-clickable tabs have content inside them?

    H Mark


    Odd. I removed a lazy loading plugin as I thought it may affect the gallery short code used in the tabs. But it did not.

    I just added the gallery shortcode to the tabs again to see if it works without the lazyloading plugin.

    The first tab which is loaded “open” showed the gallery. Tabs that were “closed” on load’s gallery did not show.

    The gallery short code shows on the bottom of the page – outside of the tabs code.

    I have not again experienced the non clickable tabs. BTW: they were not empty.

    Thanks for the support.


    Plugin Author Mark / t31os



    Can you give me an example of some content you’re having a problem with? Are you using any shortcodes specific to jetpack or to another plugin?

    I’ll attempt to recreate the issue on my end and see if i experience a similar problem.

    Did you test the problem content outside(or without) the tabs shortcodes? ie. does the problematic content work just fine when used without the tabs?

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for the support.

    I have a gallery short code under Rudd for and image gallery. I checked it and the gallery does not show.

    If it works correctly you should see two images in a gallery. As well as two images uploaded to a table shows.

    I tested the problem content outside(or without) the tabs shortcodes and it worked. I now have a slide show at the bottom of the page outside the tab code and it works. When I had it as a gallery it also worked.

    Plugin Author Mark / t31os


    Hi Johan,

    Sorry, could you be a little clearer about what shortcodes you are using and having a problem with?

    Are you using native WordPress shortcodes alone, and/or plugin shortcodes. Sorry to reiterate this again, but it’s still not clear to me what you’re clicking/inserting or typing via the editor whilst inside the tab shortcode.

    How are the slideshows generated for example, is that a plugin or theme feature? (as it’s not native to WordPress to my knowledge)

    Would this be an accurate example of code you’re having a problem with?

    Visual Mode:

    [tab name="Tab"]Native WordPress Gallery here(usually represented by an image in WordPress, which i can't display in this forum)[/tab]

    Text/HTML Mode:

    [tab name="Tab"][gallery ids="531,204"][/tab]

    I can place a gallery inside a tab just fine my end, so i’m wondering what specific shortcodes or content(with a specific plugin?) i’d need to put inside the tabs to replicate the issue you’re describing.

    An example like i’ve given above(trimmed to just the essential/problematic parts) would be most helpful in testing.

    Hi Mark

    For some or other reason it’s now working.

    Odd. I remember clearing browser cache.

    But for the record here’s what I did.
    (When I do another post with tabs I will refer to this post if I have a problem).

    I am using native WordPress gallery short code.

    [tab name="Accommodation name"]
    Accommodation content - 350 to 500 words
    [gallery type="thumbnails" ids="12031,12023"]
    Plugin Author Mark / t31os


    Hi Johan,

    Well, i’m happy to hear it’s all magically working for you now, perhaps all the problem needed was a second pair of eyes to massage it back into a working state, lol.

    As strange as it all may be, please do feel to come back to this thread if you encounter further problems.

    Ha ha 😉 Will do. Thanks mate.

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