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    I am on the latest version of WordPress, JetPack and your Plugin. I am also using the brand new Twenty Fourteen theme from WordPress.

    There is an issue where on some of my posts, I can’t display more than 1 ad.

    I only have 2 ads. 1 is the sidebar ad which I set to prioritize and the second is 1 block ad that I place at the bottom of the page (only in posts). I am squelching block ads on the homepage.

    On certain posts, if set to Widget/Sidebar priority, the sidebar ad will show but the block ad at the bottom of my post will not show. If I uncheck prioritize the widget/sidebar then on that same post the block ad will show at the bottom and the sidebar ad will vanish.

    So it seems like on some posts I can’t show more than two ads. On other posts I CAN show more than two ads.

    I think there may be some pattern based on post length. I think if my post is quite long and contains numerous pictures I am only getting one add.

    I think this has to be a incompatablility issue with another plugin. Maybe even JetPack. But I haven’t been able to narrow it down.

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  • My site is Sorry forgot to add that.

    This should have read.

    So it seems like on some posts I can’t show more than one ad. On other posts I CAN show more than one ad.

    Okay I see the issue.

    If the post is long enough to include a middle ad… drops the last ad automatically, even if the middle ad has no code in it and the last one does.

    In my scenario, I am only using the last block. I am not using the lead or middle blocks.

    I just saw in the drop down you can Suppress certain blocks individually. I think you should pull this option out into its own checkbox or radio button. Might be a little more intuitive that way.

    Otherwise thanks for the plugin. I will definitely consider investing in the Pro.

    Thanks. I thought of putting a checkbox for suppressing individual ad slots. But then, the admin page is already quite busy, so I didn’t want to add more controls.

    I’m redesigning the code with a lot more tooltip kind of help on each control. May be that will help.

    I’m closing this topic because the problem seems to have been resolved.

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