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    Hi great people.
    Good day.

    Please I received a critical warning from ‘site health check’ stating thus:

    Error The WellnessPort is not connected.: 200
    We recommend reconnecting Jetpack.

    I have tried to reconnect but no way. Please what can I do? I am not technical inclined so don’t even know how to start troubleshooting, any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor Dan (a11n)


    Hi there

    Jetpack’s connection attempt is running into a 412 error, which means there’s a security rule blocking it.

    Jetpack, like some other plugins, services, and apps, relies on the XMLRPC.php file to communicate with our systems.
    If your hosting provider blocks access to this file, could you ask them to remove the block and use other ways to mitigate XML-RPC attacks?

    If they only offer XML-RPC access by whitelisting IP addresses, then they will need to whitelist the IP addresses listed here:


    Please note that these IP addresses could change (or more could be added) at any time. For that reason, we recommend your host uses the machine-readable versions of these IP ranges in JSON or plain text format to automate configuration changes on their systems.

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    @drawmyface Thank you for support. Problem solved.
    But please is there a way I could remove my website link from my content.

    Plugin Contributor Stef (a11n)


    Hey @makafavour, I’m so glad your problem got solved!

    I asked the forum admins to remove your site URL form your initial message; it will be done very shortly.

    I’m going to mark this thread as solved. If you have any further questions or need some more help, you’re welcome to open another thread here. Cheers!

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    @erania-pinnera Thank you for support. You guys are great!

    Moderator Yui



    as per
    forum FAQ
    we will not delete your link.

    But, since its placed in proper field (page i need help with), you can be sure – its not available to search engines or unregistered users.

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    @fierevere Oh I wish it is possible. Why I requested for removal is because of security. The kind of visit i’m receiving on my website from a particular country since I opened this trend I’m not really comfortable with it. Those guys I don’t trust them but if you’re sure it won’t cause me harm no problem.

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    Hi @makafavour

    As Yui mentioned, the link is only visible to logged in forum users, so it can’t be accessed by search engine crawlers or bots.



    My website https://GreatofIndia.com is not connected to jetpack.
    15 days ago everything was fine. But now I can’t see any type of stats updates.
    Please help as early as possible.

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