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    Since the 2.0.5 update of jetpack on wordpress 3.5 the contact forms have lost proper alignment.

    The problem was not there with previous version.

    Also the blog looks distorted on mozilla firefox. the images looks big and distorted on mozilla firefox after the latest update.

    Please help me to solve the issue… i am not a php or wordpress pro.


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  • I used to have the same problem; shifted outlines;

    I fixed it with a custom CSS and after the update, I lost the CSS info and problem came back. Please help us and OP, you are not the only one having this problem. This is a known issue since last few updates at least for my theme.

    Jetpack 2.0.4 also broke part of a form generated with Formidable Pro forms plugin on my site “”. I have disabled the Jetpack and everything is working again. This is the second time I have had problems with Jetpack interfering with layout. Something about the way CSS or Javascript is handled in Jetpack 2 later editions seems to be prone to interfere.

    I have this issue and it really bites since I had merged my sites from another contact form plug in. The hope was that Jetpack with it’s increasing functionality would reduce the workload associated with updates.

    Alas that has not been the case and stuff like this makes me wonder if I have thrown in with the wrong team. Makes me want to add a follow up to my nice write-up of a then functional JetPack.

    As it is I will start reverting my sites back to Contact Form 7 that works and then start looking for alternatives that play nice with the rest of the WordPress community.

    Oh the irony of it all, JetPack not playing nice with the rest of the WordPress community!

    In the meantime I am voting this “not working” until proven otherwise.

    Hey i’m having a problem with the form as well I can post it but it looks distorted, i’m running the P2 theme I think the css is messed up here is the link

    I have tried a reinstall, I have deactivated all add-ons, however the comment field is messed up

    yes i have similar problem as everyone else on my site too…

    this started after 2.0.3 update of jetpack, its there on all the themes… i tried a number of themes.

    do someone has any solution to this problem?


    Orthopaedicsplus, i know how you feel its literally the last thing i need to do before launching my website

    Bumping this, having the same issue across multiple sites using multiple themes. All contact forms look borked. Here’s one example on a site I’m working on – and here’s another

    Did anyone get a solution to this??? I am having the same problem.

    Here are my forms completely messed up…

    Really frustrating.. as I need these to work!!! Please help me !!!

    There is a workaround by using custom css

    here are the details…

    it corrected the contact form at my site

    hope it help other members with same problem

    Plugin Contributor Christopher Finke


    Design Engineer at Automattic

    This problem (which was a conflict between the Contact Form and the VideoPress shortcode) has been fixed for Jetpack 2.1 (

    Thanks Christopher. Much appreciated.

    I am looking forward to this update especially since I am heavily vested in client and personal sites using various components of Jetpack. I have actively supported JetPack in my blog and directly by suggesting it to clients, espec.
    I use Catalyst, but see the dysfunction in other themes as well.
    Thank you for the update.

    After update 2.1, my contact form looks very ugly 🙁
    Now I’m using old code for form:
    [contact-form-7 id=”X” title=”Contact form X”]
    I hope it will be fixed soon…

    Plugin Contributor Christopher Finke


    Design Engineer at Automattic

    dorde: Did you previously use any of the workarounds? If so, can you try disabling them?

    If that doesn’t work, what is a URL of one of your pages with an ugly contact form?

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