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    I have a contact form on my website and when people post a question here, it ends up in my Feedback and not coming to my email. I did read the strings of support on these, however I have not been able to solve. I deactivated and activated my Contact form and still same result. thanks for your help,

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    @kaycorcor As suggested above, could you try to use a plugin like Postman to force your WordPress installation to go through a third party email provider to send the emails out, as your server doesn’t seem to be able to send emails out?

    If that doesn’t help, could you please start your own thread as per the Forum Welcome?

    Thank you!



    Check out the SMTP plugin from WPStudio:

    I installed it, went to settings and filled in the email “from” and email “from name” and it enabled the notifications from my jetpack contact form.

    I’m dealing with the same problem. The form was working perfectly fine up until someone tried to contact me last week. I haven’t changed anything on the site, so what’s going on?

    the issue was on Google’s side for me. I had to authorize less secure apps and complete the process with this link:

    also had to use these settings with my SMTP plugin:
    port 587

    hope this helps!

    The WordPress email form on my site is not sending emails to the website’s server webmail. A copy does go to the Feedback tab in the Dashboard.

    I read through this chain, tried various things, and did not find a solution. Then I contacted SiteGround where we are hosted. This is what they told me:
    “Unfortunately, the code used in this contact form is adding characters to the email address:
    2017-05-26 17:26:40 [32501] SMTP syntax error in “RCPT TO: \\<>” H=( []:48396 I=[]:25 malformed address: \<> may not follow \

    As you can see, this code is trying to email “\\<>” instead of just “”.”
    This is the code I insert when adding the contact form:
    [contact-form to='' subject='Volunteer'][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Comment' type='textarea' required='1'/][/contact-form]
    SiteGround suggested I contact the developer. I think that is WordPress.
    My website is at

    Interesting. I’m on SiteGround as well and contact form emails always worked until recently. I wonder what changed.

    To the fabulous WordPress DEV Team:

    CRITICAL PROBLEM: WordPress v4.7.5 appears to have broken the “Add Contact Form” function embedded in Pages.

    To my horror, I just discovered that all “Feedback” comments submitted to my sites after updating to v4.7.5 have NOT been emailed to my provisioned Email Notifications.

    Feedback comments posted by visitors prior to 18 May 2017 (the date v4.7.5 was autoupdated on my sites) were Emailed just fine. Although there were no changes on my part, Feedback comments posted after the v4.7.5 are languishing in the Feedback tab BUT NOT BEING EMAILED!

    Team WordPress: Please accept my thanks (and the thanks of many, many users that rely on your fabulous system) in advance for escalating this serious bug and resolving it as quickly as possible.

    With appreciation,
    Plane Wryter

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    @manellyc @planewryter Thank you both for the reports. The problem is most likely not caused by WordPress, but by the Jetpack plugin. We’re looking into the problem right now, and so far it appears that the problem is limited to specific hosting providers, SiteGround being one of them.

    The problem may be caused by the changes we’ve introduced here, but we haven’t been able to reproduce so far so we can’t be sure.

    We’ll keep working on this, and I’ll post again on this thread once we make progress on this.

    @jeherve, thanks for the helpful reply! Much appreciated.

    Thought you’d like further evidence to support your conjecture regarding SiteGround. All of my sites are on SiteGround, and SiteGround updated them to WP4.7.5 on 18 May 2017…the day the Email notifications ceased.

    In some small way, I hope this information helps you…and all the fabulous folks working on WordPress.

    I can also confirm this problem as a SiteGround user.

    Hi @jeherve.

    Do you have an update to your post above and @planewryter question?

    My client’s sites are siteground-hosted too and they still aren’t receiving emails, although they can access enquiries via feedback tab in dash which is good news at least.

    I’m thinking of re-instating a backup from the 15th May i.e. before the May 16, 2017 WordPress 4.7.5 Security and Maintenance Release.

    QUESTION: Would you recommend this as a stop-gap until wordpress fix jetpack?
    Any help very much appreciated!!

    Just FYI, siteground have said this is the issue:
    “I checked the backend of the website and several times I filled the form. In the logs on the server is present the following error code: 2017-06-07 15:03:56 [10001] SMTP syntax error in “RCPT TO: \\<>” H=( []:50282 I=[]:25 malformed address: \<> may not follow \

    As you may see the code is trying to send an email to \\ instead of just

    I did further checks on the issue and it seems that it has been caused due to the Jetpack plugin which they are looking into as per this forum post [links to this forum post!]”

    Hi we were just upgraded to WordPress 4.8 and running jetpack v5. At first our Contact Form button was missing as mentioned before but we got it back once we logged back into But just like everyone else our contact forms stopped working. Our hosting provider is Bluehost. They said that they didn’t see anything showing up on their end. I installed the Email-log and shows all my contact forms that have been submitted. I also installed WP-Mail-SMTP to see see if there was a problem with wp_mail() function but that works just fine.

    Any help would be great!

    Thank you.

    Update: Our developers were able to verify the issue and are working on a fix – you can follow the progress here. Please bear with us while they release the fix.



    Any update to this? There doesn’t seem much more feedback on the link you offered either.

    I just want to confirm, are you hosted with SiteGround @craigrkirkby ?

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