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    Hi, I’ve published two blog posts that have not emailed users or publicized to twitter and google.

    The last success was on 3/16/14

    I believe that then I updated Jetpack to 2.9.2 and the next post failed to be connected to Jetpack. When a user posted a comment, to one of the two failed posts, it didn’t show in notification in the dashboard, but an email was sent to me via the settings.

    No user has received notification via email of my last two posts, and I’ve had to send them by hand to twitter and google plus. (I never have FB connected as the posts never turn out well when automated there).

    Between the first failed post on 3/18/14 and today’s post on 3/21/14, I’ve disconnected jetpack from account and reconnected. No difference.

    Please help,

    Laurie Weaver

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