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  • I’m probably missing something so simple it’s stupid – but how do you point carousel at a specific page? I have a page called photo gallery that I want carousel to work its magic on. I have it activated and I’ve looked at the configuration settings.

    Also, is there a way to separate the pics for my photo gallery page from the other graphics that I use elsewhere on the web site?

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  • Yeah, I see nothing. I know nothing. I hear nothing. All I want to do is put this feature in a post. Looks like a premature e … launch … unless I am just plain ignorant, which is entirely possible.

    I figured it out.

    You first need to upload your photos and do the captions (captions add a lot to the gallery).

    There is an “Attach To” column in the media library. For each photo in the library that you want to be included in the carousel, you have to click on “attach” and assign it to the page where the gallery will be.

    Last, you go to the dashboard and edit the page where you want the photo gallery be. Add the short code [gallery] to this page and save the changes.

    If you have a lot of photos you might consider grouping them and making a sub-page for each group with the short code on each page. Then “attach” the photos accordingly.

    Hope this helps. Not sure why these instructions aren’t posted anywhere in the dashboard. It’s a really cool feature


    can i add image files that are already attached to posts automatically or do I have to upload them all again?



    great find @imentorguys. BUT how do you edit what images are attached to pages by default?

    I’ve got a bunch of photos, and they already where attached to a page, and want to define which pictures display.



    well according to this thread, you actually have to delete the images:

    Does anyone have the shortcode for jetpack carousel?
    I installed jetpack, uninstalled my default gallery, activated carousel, and noticed the code on the page was still my previous code even though I uninstalled it.
    So I changed the code to [gallery] but carousel still isn’t coming up.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Using short code how do I order my images? This is what I have so far: [gallery include="263,255,779,607,549,281,256,789,624,284,486,292,321,662,603,286,290,675,676,320,259,279,447,602,468" columns=4 orderby="id"]

    the ´orderby=”id”´ bit was a guess… I really want them to appear in the order I´ve written them here, not some random order or the order in which I uploaded them… surely I don´t have to re-upload all images just to change the order!?

    For help with JetPack, please use the JetPack forum (go to the JetPack page, click on support, scroll down to make a new post). For any further help, start a new thread – this one is way outdated.

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