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  • nuspoon


    I am trying to get carousel to work for my photos, but in the Carousel section of the Media tab, I do not have the option to check “display images in full size carousel window”. All I see is a Background Color and Metadata line. Why isn’t it showing up?! My domain is Also, once it’s configured, will the gallery photos automatically lead into Carousel when clicked? Hopefully you can help.

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  • lindseyzank


    I have this same exact problem. I don’t have any other gallery plugins installed, so there should be no conflict there. I just don’t have the option under Settings < Media to “display images in full size carousel window.” HELP!

    Just installed Jetpack and I have the same problem. The under Settings < Media to “display images in full size carousel window.” does not show up.

    i’m having exactly the same problem, no option to force images to display in the carousel.

    Also having this problem. When you click on gallery images, it links to the image rather than the carousel.

    Seems to be two different problems highlighted in this post.

    I fall into the, ‘lightbox covers full screen but photo doesn’t show’ camp.

    Could do with a fix.

    Hi folks, not sure if anyone needs more help but this link: provided some clues. The thing that did it for me was “jquery”. The carousel uses the latest version of jquery and my theme used an older version (1.6.1), which is not compatible.

    I came across this thread recently, and I found the reason why mine was not working. Make sure your theme has “<?php wp_footer(); ?> ” in your footer.php file, right before the closing </body> tag. Plugins use this hook to reference javascript scripts.

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    that’s how my footer.php file ends, so i’m afraid that doesn’t fix my problem.

    Hello all, anyone fixed the bug, i am using the latest wordpress 3.5.1 and i have <?php the_footer(); ?> inside my footer….but still no idea why iam not getting Carousel option on top editor.

    Jetpack nothing works too well … there are plenty of other carousels … why not try another?

    Kiran, what is the URL where your carousel is on?

    Add me to the list of people above who has the same problem with Jetpack Carousel. Where can I find the answers/resolve to these questions?

    Is it safe to assume that the only answer has something to do with the version of jquery supported by the theme I’m using?

    @augiecrazy8 – it would be better to start your own thread in the JetPack sub-forum here:

    It’s unlikely that an outdated thread with many different people and no resolved solutions will be useful.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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