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    I am using the Oxygen theme on my blog, I am also using Jetpack 2.1 with carousel enabled. Whenever I have a large image (~3000 px or greater) in the WordPress gallery, the carousel image appears blurry and very low-resolution. When I click “View full size image,” the photo appears full-size and in high quality. Smaller images (like ones that are about 600x600px) appear full-quality in carousel. My question is, how do I make it so that large images appear crisp instead of blurry in the carousel view?

    Any help would be great.

    By the way, here’s an example of one of the galleries, where the smaller images appear fine in carousel, but the large ones appear pixelated:

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  • I have the same issue and judging by the number of queries about this on both and sites we are not alone.

    circus gala

    C’mon wordpress guys, how about some advice here?

    I have basically the same issue here..

    In the preview (carrousel) the img is very LoQ You can see every pixel… This dont seems to those albums that was converted to this laayout only new albums ( new aploaded pictures) Take a look.

    You guys are not the only one. I have the same issue. 🙁 I hope this get fixed soon. Is there a possible work-around?

    I’ve got the same issue: low resolution of the images in the carousel.
    I use twenty eleven theme.
    This only started when I updated to WordPress 3.5
    Now with the new update 3.5.1: no change still low res images.
    Very disappointing. The carousel is the main set up for my gallery.
    Now I have to find another plugin.

    Thanks to the Jetpack 2.1.2 update, this issue has been fixed! 🙂

    Thanks Sam. You are right, the Jetpack update works like a dream.



    This bug seems to be back as of 2.2.3 and still exists in 2.2.4.



    And I still ahve the problem with 2.3



    Yes, images are blurry. “View Full Size” images appear ok, but the images loaded in carousel’s side-scrolling view have a subtle, but very discomforting blur. It’s completely unusable as one becomes nauseous after viewing a few images.

    All images I am uploading have a max dimension of 1280, so this isn’t just some ultra-high resolution problem.



    This is so odd. I only have this problem with certain themes and certain versions of Jetpack. I did not have the issue with 2.3.2 but it reappeared after the upgrade to 2.3.3. Theme I’m using is “Portfolio Press”.

    People – this thread is marked resolved and it is not even on the JetPack specific forum – so the developers are not going to see it here. If you need help with JetPack, post your own thread on the JetPack forum:

    If it’s a theme issue, post on your theme’s own forum.

    I have the same problem.
    Images in the Jetpack carousel slider are too blurred to be useable. Clicking on “View Full Size” gives the proper image.
    (Jetpack version 2.3.3 Theme – Suffusion version 4.6.6)
    Image size used is 850 pixels.

    I have this issue as well with my wordpress-hosted site, so I don’t know if that would be a Jetpack issue, since I can’t even install the Jepack plu-gin. The site theme still uses “#jp-carousel” though, so I dunno…

    Any input/advice would be rad.

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