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  • The default background color for the jetpack audio is a big white bar before you hit play… I was wondering if there was a way to make that transparent or black to fit in with my site?

    I’ve googled hard trying to find the answer but haven’t found a solution yet. Thanks!

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  • Hey just to let you know, I know it’s 5 months old, but in case someone new to WordPress is wondering how to edit this feature, you can do so by adding this after the song


    For example:


    You can also add other features or customize certain parts of the player like the text or the color of the tracker etc by adding the same thing: For example:

    [audio|bgcolor=#FFFFFF|titles=My Song|remaining=yes|loop=yes|animation=no|tracker=0x99ccff|text=0xFFFFFF]

    |titles displays whatever you want the title to appear as when play is clicked
    |remianing displays the remaining total of song
    |loop enables loop
    |animation leaves the player open
    |tracker changes the color of the tracker
    |text changes the color of the text displayed

    etc etc etc there are many more advanced options

    So far this is no easy way to edit the actual background into transparency, but by utilizing a HEX code you can match the color of your background on that webpage so it feels seamless. So for example if the background of your webpage or your div is black just edit the #HEX to blacks hex which is 6 zeros

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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