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  • When I activate Jetpack 2.02 my Preview and Publish version of my Draft is corrupted.The paragraphs do not load correctly. The paragraphs have no space after them as they do in the Draft Version. Thus the Preview and Publish are different than the Draft.

    I’m using Theme Twenty Eleven.

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  • Yep… Still broken… 🙁
    this is the message if I try to login:

    “Error HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition has occurred while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.”

    All browsers, on both Mountain Lion and Windows 7 Professional 64bit.
    Ix Web Hosting server with WordPress 3.4.2 and italian language pack.

    What does one do in this situation? Publish without Jetpack and then my subscribers are not notified? Nor is there the opportunity to subscribe. I’m new here. Is Jetpack always this wonky? Is there another plugin that is recommended for subscribing etc?

    I’m using Theme Twenty Eleven.

    There’s something else going on here… Possibly a conflict with another plugin. Do you have an advanced WYSIWIG editor installed? (e.g. UTMCE)
    I’m using TwentyEleven (with a childtheme) without this problem..

    Try these basic steps and report back if still a problem.
    1. Clear all caches if using a cache plugin (let us know which one if any – W3TC esp has a few issues with JetPack – even perhaps de-activate) the cache plugin.
    2. Delete Jetpack completely, clear caches and re-install Jetpack again.
    3. If still having problems, delete version 2.0.2 and install the last version that worked for you.

    Let us know!

    The only plugins I’ve got installed are
    Image Widget
    TwentyEleven Theme Extensions
    WP Google Fonts

    I’ve deleted and reinstalled Jetpack. No problem with the Draft and Preview when Jetpack deleted.

    When I deactivate the other plugins and only have Jetpack active, I still have the problem.

    What cache do you want me to clear? The one in Safari? I have the same problem when using my other computer.

    Oops, where can I find Jetpack 2.0? How do I go backwards and install that version?


    I’ve found the conflict:
    Jetpack doesn’t work with Multi Social Favicon plugin (

    Now jetpack works and I changed the flag from broken.

    Plugin Contributor Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    JetPack is usually pretty solid (it’s been downloaded 3.2 million times, so it’s on a ton of sites).

    You can also ping the JetPack support team here: (include a link to this forum post too).

    Previous versions are available here:
    To install one of these, click the link to download it to your computer, remove JetPack, then in plugins, click the Upload link on the Add New page.

    In regards to cache, there are plugins/hosts that cache your website to increase the speed in delivering it to visitors. If your host does this, empty that cache using whatever means they offer.

    What’s your website?

    OK, Deleted Jetack 2.02 Installed Jetpack 2.0. Now the paragraphs show up correctly but…does that mean I can never upgrade?

    If you look at the site’s header, do you see a one pixel white line that shows up above the area that says “Home,” Contact,” and “Sandra’s Art?” What is that all about? It only shows up when I’m using JetPack?

    Plugin Contributor Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    What is the URL for your site? I’m happy to check it out to see if I can tell where the line may be coming from.

    As far as updating, I’d contact the JetPack developers and see what they say regarding the issue. Ideally, if you had a staging site (or a backup version of your site that you could have somewhere else, like a “, I’d test an upgrade out there before trying it on your production (e.g. actual) site.

    I’m curious what the root cause ends up being.

    My blog and the white line are at

    apart from my art

    Do you think it’s the font I’m using from google fonts?

    I don’t know where to go to disable it and change fonts.

    I’m calling up my hosting service to see if they can empty the cache.

    OK, called my “host” they said I don’t have any plug in to clear my cache.

    I now notice that all of my postings no longer have paragraph separations in them GRrrrrrrrr.

    The White line is gone since I installed Jetpack 2.0

    But the paragraphs are still right up against each other.
    Thanks for your help.

    Oh also, when I make text Bold and Italic in the Draft mode it does not show up in the Published site.

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