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  • I was shocked about seeing that my earnings are dramatically dropped and for around 24 hours i did not notice that my adsense ads were disabled on one of my sites which i updated jetpack to the latest version. (as i am using many sites for adsense, my income was not 0, so i thought there was adsense issue than my own possible problem)

    To keep long story short: Jetpack has conflict with Quick Adsense plugin and because of this, my loss is around 100 usd so far, i am glad i noticed it and disabled jetpack, my quick adsense plugin works fine now and ads are back.

    Wish i could be aware of this situation earlier…

    Does anyone else have the same issue?

    Is there a fix for this?

    Does Jetpack know about this issue?

    Please help me get it fixed or advice me other ad injection plugin so i can use jetpack + my adsense ads.


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  • When you deactivated Jetpack, did you see your ads show up again?

    yes, when i deactivated Jetpack, Quick Adsense plugin works normally and ads show up. So i have disabled the Jetpack for my 3 sites so far 🙁

    Jetpack is causing conflict with a number of Adsense plugins for me as well. Multiple Adsense plugins experiencing the same issue.

    When I disable the function for a plugin to limit the number of ads to 3 (per Adsense terms) the plugin works, but shows excess ads (breaking Adsense terms).

    My hunch is that there is some sort of naming conflict with Adsense ad counting and the Jetpack update.

    I also have same problem. Jetpack disabled quick adsense. My websites can not show adsense anymore.

    Please help

    I did the same thing as dcorp did, after deactivating Jetpack, I could see my adsense again.

    I am facing the same issue too. The latest version of jetpack conflicts with quick adsense. Due to this, ads get displayed only on archives/category, but it doens’t display on individual posts.

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