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  • After upgrading to Jetpack 1.9 the widgets panel froze. I could not access old widgets or move widgets into sidebars without deactivating Jetpack. Also wordpress stats are disabled. Some Jetpack settings panels were also frozen, for example I could not drag and drop social media icons.

    I already tried turning off all plugins and reactivating, then reloading jetpack. I tried deactivating minify. The plugin is now disabled. Any solutions out there?

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  • Hi!

    Glad that I am not alone. Upgraded to 1.9.2, broken. Disabled.

    Ad Codes Widget 110709 (active)
    AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget 3.0
    AddThis Welcome Bar 1.1 (active)
    AdRotate Shortlinks 0.2 (active)
    BuySellAds 2.3.3
    Change Permalink Helper 0.1
    CloudFlare 1.3.5 (active)
    Contact Form 7 3.3.1 (active)
    Digg Digg 5.2.9 (active)
    Disqus Comment System 2.73 (active)
    Easy Heads Up Bar 0.1 (active)
    FeedBurner FeedSmith 2.3 (active)
    Feed Styler 1.07
    Get Recent Comments 2.0.6 (active)
    Google Analyticator 6.3.4 (active)
    Google XML Sitemaps 3.2.8 (active)
    Hotfix 0.9 (active)
    Jetpack by 1.9.2
    nrelate Related Content 0.51.2 (active)
    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) 1.3.1
    PhotoDropper 2.0.6 (active)
    Polldaddy Polls & Ratings 2.0.16 (active)
    Popular Posts Bars 1.5.2
    Redirection 2.2.13
    Related Posts and Images by Zemanta 1.2.2 (active)
    Scribe 4.0.9
    Shortcode Exec PHP 1.44
    Skimlinks 1.2.1
    Time Release 1.0.4 (A Dingo Ate My Baby) (active)
    VaultPress 1.3.4
    W3 Total Cache (active)
    Woo Recent Posts 1.0
    Woo Recent Posts 1.0 (active)
    WooThemes Framework Identifier 1 (active)
    WordPress SEO (active)
    Wp-Insert 2.0.2
    WP-Optimize 0.9.4 (active)
    WP-ShowHide 1.00 (active)

    I did the recent Jetpack upgrade and now my stats aren’t working properly. When I roll over them, they do not show me the date or the number of views for that secific day. If I click on them to view activity, nothing happens. Also, I am unable to view my subscribers. On the site stat page under the Subscriptions widget, nothing shows up. My site is

    bookTuner 1.1.2
    Broken Link Checker 1.6.2
    Thesis Full Width Framework 1.5
    BYOB Thesis Simple Nav Menu 2.0.3
    Image Optimizer 1.1.1
    Exec-PHP 4.9
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend 1.0.0
    Google Site Verification Plugin 0.9.2
    Google XML Sitemap 0.1.1
    Jetpack Lite 1.7
    MyBooks for Authors 1.5.2
    Network Publisher 5.6
    PhotoDropper 2.0.6
    Simple Tags 2.2
    Smart Archives Reloaded 2.0.5
    Social Media Widget 2.9.4
    UpdraftPlus 8.50
    WP-DBManager 2.63
    WP Super Cache 1.21

    Temporary solution: install Jetpack Lite, the unofficial, smaller version of Jetpack in its simple, non-bloated form without all 9 modules. The widget conflict disappears and you can get stats. Also, installing an earlier version of Jetpack (1.83) apparently works.

    I haven’t had any stats since Sunday night. I disabled WTC3 – no difference. I’ve done the 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 upgrades, and tried deactivating and reactivating stats, no luck. It doesn’t hang but my stats aren’t recording page visitors. Instead it shows 0 and “no activity to report”.

    It would be great to have them back!

    Plugin Contributor Jeff Bowen


    Thanks for the plugin lists. We’re still trying to determine what is causing this issue. For those affected, could you please install and activate the Jetpack Compatibility Test Plugin and copy and paste the results into an email to support _AT_ You can find the report link in the Plugins section of your dashboard.

    Please reference this thread in the email so we’re able cross-reference as much information as possible.

    Thanks again.

    I don’t know if this is a clue or not, but 1.9.1 works fine for me but 1.9.2 had all the problems listed above.

    Jeff, should I upgrade to 1.9.2 before using the compatibility test plugin?

    Plugin Contributor Jeff Bowen


    mhmcintyre: That’s quite helpful to know. If you could:

    • install the test plugin before upgrading
    • save the report
    • upgrade
    • email both reports

    ..that would be brilliant.


    Report sent in for both 1.9.1 and 1.9.2

    Can anyone tell me how to uninstall Jetpack 1.9.2 and reinstall 1.8.3? I really want to have my stats working again.

    first, you’ll need to delete the Jetpack plugin (or rename the folder on your hosting) so that you can install the old version.

    then, here’s the zip file to upload:

    Plugin Contributor Jeff Bowen


    Hi, all:
    I’m circling back here to see if any of you had tried 2.0 and are still seeing this issue.

    If so, please try clearing your cache and cookies & let me know if that helps.

    Edit: Just the cookies on *, *, & your domain should suffice.

    I’m running 2.0 and it seems to be working just fine.

    I tried switching to Jetpack Lite and it didn’t help. As soon as I activate either plugin my site slows down dramatically – the entire site: posts, admin, everything.

    With both of them deactivated my site runs fast again (I have over 10,000 posts and 35,000 images).

    I hope that they sort out the problems with Jetpack because it’s unusable for me now.

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