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Jerome’s Keywords Restricted By Category

  • The way my weblog is set up, we’ve got all of our posts first divided into sections (which we use categories for), and are currently using Jerome’s Keywords in order to break the authors’ posts down even further into tags. We want all the tags we’ve ever used displayed as a sidebar list on the front page (which we managed to do fine), but in each section (category) we need the tags list itself to be limited to only the tags used in that section. This way, a person can continue choosing different tags to navigate around and it won’t change which section they’re in.

    I previously managed to accomplish having the tags (when clicked in the sidebar) only display the posts in the current section by adding “&cat=%cat_id” to the end of the URL output of the keywords, but if you clicked a tag that didn’t have any posts in that section it would mess up (which is expected), so we really need a way to simply exclude any tags that haven’t been used in that section. Since the tags in Jerome’s Keywords don’t use a database, I can’t simply add a new condition to the WHERE clause that would limit the results- or I wouldn’t have any issues, and I’m not very familiar with the addon itself. If there’s a way to accomplish what I’m looking for, please let me know.

    Here’s a link to my weblog if that’ll help at all.


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  • The only way I could think of making this work is to add two new database tables in mySQL (one for keywords themselves, and then one for comparing keyword IDs to category IDs). Then I would be able to run a query in the pages that picks out only the keywords used in the category selected, but using this method I’d have to change the codes in every page in the blog so that it updates the two new tables appropriately (and my current PHP skill isn’t up to that level honestly).

    There has to be some easier way to accomplish this, but I’m still not familiar with all the functions in wordpress in general, or the Jerome’s Keywords functions. Anyone with any ideas about this at all, let me know.


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