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    i suggest pulling out a copy of Firefox and looking at your site — scroll to the bottom much?

    Too many ads, small orange text in the sidebar thats not at the bottom of the page is too small for the color and background, cheesy counter, and youre running a version of WP thats exploitable.

    i hate firefox and honestly dont care if it cant view the site very well. it looks great in i.e so im ok with it lol. if everyone would use a browser that worked we would all be better off.




    haha, thats comical. ass-backwards but comical.

    Im sure the hackers wont care what browser they use.

    never once have i heard anyone that said that firefox works better than i.e. everyone i ask why do they like ff better always says its beocuse its open source and you can customize it, sorry i would rather use something that works with everything than be able to make it pretty. The only thing i agree that i.e canf do that ff can is css2 wich im sure wont be the truth for much longer. and if a hacker is going to waste his or her time hacking into my site lol they just proving how stupid they are and how much they need a lif. there is nothing on the site worth a darn thing to a hacker. and for your information every version of wp isnt that safe.




    Do they teach punctuation in Georgia schools?

    You want the real truth? Your site looks like crap in IE too. It reminds me of a 1996 Tripod site — the only things missing are an animated mailbox and a couple of these.

    im not from Ga, im from russia. any more comments you want to make?




    what does where your from have to do with my question? Not surprisingly, you managed to format THAT post just fine.

    “Do they teach punctuation in Georgia schools?”

    well if i wassnt born or raised in ga then my english isnt going to be to good now is it?

    and you ask me a question and then awnswerd it so there wassnt a question left for me to answer.

    i hate firefox and honestly dont care if it cant view the site very well. it looks great in i.e so im ok with it lol.

    I guess its okay to hate FF, but i cant comment on your site, when you dont care about it.

    being that wordpress is open-source and customizable, it’s kind of ironic that you knock firefox for being the same way.

    that being said, you really can’t alienate that big enough part of your reader base. if you told me the site didn’t load in opera, i’d say no big deal.

    but firefox market share, as of January 2008, was about 16%. that’s not a huge %, but as far as i’m concerned that’s very significant if you’re not only trying to build a quality site, but also trying to monetize it. of interest was that in 2007 firefox had about a 14% market share, so while it’s slowly growing, it’s growing. maybe by next year it will be closer to 20%.

    on my site, i wouldnt want to blow off 15-20% of my potential users if i could help it.

    best of luck with your site.

    Personally, Firefox is the only browser that will work on my computer, IE has a really nasty tendency to lock up, so I’ll say that IE doesn’t work.

    Furthermore, you’re doing yourself a disservice since a vast majority of the blogging community uses Firefox over IE. It’s sort of a myopic view to take — refusing to make content accessible to the largest population…

    just becouse the market share is 16% doesnt mean 16% of my viewers use it. and its not that i think ff is bad beocus eits open source its just that 95% of the people that use it when you ask them why they use it they say becouse its open source. i would prefer to use a browser that works better it dont matter if its open source to me or not. And its a fact that more of the time ie does work better at viewing pages. yes i agree you can make ff pretter lol but i want what works. and its hard to make somehitng work right when half of ff users say it looks good and the other half say it doesnt. nither of you have told me what doesnt show up right. how can i fix it if i dont know?

    And its a fact that more of the time ie does work better at viewing pages. yes i agree you can make ff pretter lol but i want what works.

    You are totally wrong here. It’s a fact that IE does not follow standards. If it looks good in IE but not FF, you are not following the standards either, and are making a lot of errors in your HTML.

    IE6 had many many errors. IE7 had errors, but not many. IE8 which is out in beta now, is a lot better and allmost follow the standards. This means that your site will look awfull in IE8 when it comes out.

    if it wassnt for ie there wouldnt be any standards. If ff is sp perfect then why 6 years are they only at 16% of the market. The fact is that ie is the standard. and people allway fuss about ie and its errors but ff as just as just as many. and yet you just like everyone else has failed to tell me what isnt showing right in ff. and there isnt errors in my html. just becouse ff cant show it dont mean its wrong. its liek the fact that ie-7 doesnt support css2, so if i have a page in css2 and it dont work in ie-7 does that mean that my css2 is wrong, no.





    Once you fix the errors, so that the relic of a site can be validated, you have 397 other validation errors.

    If you desire proof of that, Ive fixed the errors (your usage of the trademark symbol incorrectly) that prevent validation and raw the html is here:


    The fact is your site is poorly put together, and your posts are trollish.

    I originally thought I was being harsh on you with the Tripod comments but having looked at your source, I dont feel any bad longer.

    It actually looks like a tripod site put together by a 15 year old.

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